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So, what the fuck is Coco supposed to be anyway?

He talks some shit about fairies, but never brings it up again. Was he going to eat the two of them or some shit?

What the fuck is he?
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An incubus that eats boy semen
What anime is this?
Sword Art Online

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Who is this?

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What should I expect?
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Lots of homolust
Strong start peaking at the zabuza arc then a slow decent of quality
Amazing ninja world building, story and abilities up until the Sasuke rescue arc. It goes downhill from there

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Just beige'd the first part of the series,did the ending kinda get lost after Cibo dies & gets brought back to life three times?

I'm kinda looking forward to the Netflick's adaption if only to see how they handle the general ambiance

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>Netflick's adaption
a film?
they're gonna try to cramp the whole thing into some 1, 1.5 hours movie?

why is all anime nowadays made for fat women and pedophiles?
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Well who the fuck else is gonna watch it?
They have the most "devotion" that translates into money spent

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I'll kill you.
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I'm gonna kill Praxis
>I'll compromise the mission and my ideals for starting to inexorably fall in love with you
What did he mean by this?
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He just couldn't. Look at Relena's eyes; she simply compells you to obey. She's the proto-Satsuki.

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How long till we get a full blown scat fetish anime?
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Did you miss Re: Zero or something?
There's already an anime about you're waifu.

Is there that one anime series that usually lifts your spirits up when you're feeling down? Pic related.
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well the manga does anyway.
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When I first watched FLCL a couple years ago (late to the party, I know) it gave me a feeling of childlike joy and possibility I haven't felt in years. Despite many of the characters being pretty depressing and it dealing with some serious stuff, it still just gave me a feeling of openness and a wide future before me that I think had been stamped out of me by high school. The soundtrack was a huge part of that, of course. The show itself was almost like rock music in anime form, that irreverent energy and exuberance. I hope the new seasons (are they still happening?) don't ruin that, being only six episode seemed essential to being able to maintain that sense of lightness, even the original being a twelve episode season would seem plodding in comparison.
Shit, I started watching it when I was just starting high school.

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Why is Eren so dead inside?
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LM soon.
Because he wants to be free and freedom isn't possible.
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Lewd as fuck.png
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I want to FUCK Erina!
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I want to COOK Erina!
And by "cook" you mean FUCK, right?

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Buy a banner.

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This is Arturia Pendragon AKA Saber AKA King Arthur (female).

Say something nice to her.
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Post the picture
My wife is very lovely!
You don't prefer the version where her bosom gets significantly upgraded?

rolling girls was at least the best original that year right?
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No. Not even close.
It wasn't even the best original show of it's season.
I see, I appreciate your opinion. What was it then?

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Are you guys prepared for the upcoming event?
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I could have leveled a few more DDs but other than that ya I feel ready

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Does Maidragon have the deepest lore of the season?
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KyoAni Cinematic Universe
KinoAni does it again
shaft cinematic universe a shit
>The KACU movies are fun to watch, even with some missteps here and there
>The SCU movies are unnecessarily serious, pretentious, angsty and unpleasant to watch


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