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Has anime ever made you cry?
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What would be the point in watching it if it hadnt? The only reason to watch fiction is to self insert and "feel". If you cant tear up from anime then you very likely have the emotional range of a pebble.
Sometimes. I remember tearing up with TTGL a couple of times.
Are you saying i am emotionally stunted?

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>you will never hug her and get a raging boner and have her laughing it off because she knows it's normal for boys and she doesn't want to be rude
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This series would've been better if Saiki was a girl desu

minute 03:28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-uRsN7Wmk
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That's not a girl.

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r8 and h8
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powerful beings

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Rate my shit taste

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Why does he have a Turkish first name but a German surname?
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Because it takes place in the future
Because Turkroaches have colonized Germany.

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You DID pre-order these, right?
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It's somewhat popular so I hate it now.
It's fine. No matter how popular it is, most people won't get the joke 90% of the time anyway
I did. No regrets.

And discuss why
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She's fictional and only otakus, the main demographic, have a direct control of her fate.
And nothing of value was lost. Worst girl.
>worst girl
>not best

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>she actually had the tomboy beaten out of her
Does this mean that other tomboys can be cured of their disability in this way too?
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>beating up tomboys

Tomboys are for hugs and sports, what the fuck is wrong with people?!
Well, if she's doing martial arts then obviously beatings are part of it sometimes.
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This should be illegal.

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innocent screencaps that seem lewd out of context
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What do you guys think of this new manga series?
>I think it needs more creativity honestly
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It should be translated as "we can't study" reeeeee
>discount nisekoi

Looking at the other upcoming jump series, it's a masterpiece.
seemed okay at first, then the last quarter was pure stupid fanservice and
It's gonna be shit

So, according to Toriyama Goku only thinks of Chi Chi as a really close comrade and not as a family/wife.

Does this mean Goku has also thought about fucking Vageta?
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How does that reasonably follow?
>Goku only thinks of Chi Chi as a really close comrade and not as a family/wife.
Could I have a source? I mean, it doesn't really surprise me at this point.

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Samurai Flamenco is an anime that people will still be talking about ten years from now.
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People didn't even talk about it when it was airing
Not that it wasn't a wild ride but, people aren't even talking about it right now.
ah yes, the anime in which the hero marries that other dude

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It's called "crack shipping".
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I still believe.
>A crack ship is a ship that is highly ridiculous, bizarre, disturbing, and/or unlikely to ever become canon. The characters don't have any chemistry, never interact, are in different canons or timelines, are different species, one is an inanimate object, etc
seems a little more extreme than what the OP is suggesting

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is this a good animu?
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Watch it and find out.
i watched it all its 6 episodes so far i have mixed feelings for it
That's a perfect set of mind. Continue watching, let your feelings sort themselves out in time. Don't rush it. Don't force other people's opinions onto you.

Is this one of the most retarded manga ever?

>Site where you can upload videos of anything
>Anyone can view the videos or register
>Some idiot films himself or someone other killing or raping a person
>Uploads it to the internet for the whole world to see
>Gets more views than the last place
>Suddenly innocent and no one questions this when anyone can literally see the actual person that did it
>Not one person tries to question this
>No one questions on who runs this site and how the media and police are beyond corrupt
>Some gaijin fucktard shows up speaking fluent Japanese with his own driver and a brand new car
>Tells children to register on DEAD tube where the most popular and featured videos are full of gore
>They still all register
>Hundreds of students go missing
>Videos constantly getting uploaded of them getting killed/raped
>Still no one gives a fuck, not even their parents
Is this a comedy or what?
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You haven't read many manga then.
It's retarded and full of edge. I imagine the author just coming up with shit on the spot and just writing it down. If Machiya doesn't want to take down DT after this then I'll probably drop it as it'll never end with "how do I make this arc more gory than the last one and what kind of twist do I pull" shtick
Do all japanese cram their cocks into their underwear pointing up or something? Who the hell does that?

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