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Watching this for the first time, just finished season 1
My final rankings are
Any other opinion is objectively wrong
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>Having this shit taste
No, no anon. Objectively speaking, you know that Maki is 1st, and Hanayo is definitely above Umi.

Nice bait though.
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Rev up those shit tastes lads.
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>Kotori that low

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Which season of LOGH is considered the best?
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The gayest one
2 or 3.

1 is the very definition of mediocre and 4 is utter trash. (Julian should have died.)
I'd say 2 because no earth cult bullshit, and because Yang and Reinhard were at the peak of their game. The story seems to have ended there, with Reinhard's coronation, Yang retiring and the FPA losing, but then it keeps going.

Anime characters from this season that are quite literally you.

Pic related is me.
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This is me. This is literally me.

Say something nice about me.
They could've made this into "Redpill-kun's adventures" but this seems like "Narcissist slowly falls in love and becomes normal."
you're a cunt

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What does /a/ think of Kyousogiga?
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>tfw only watched episode 0

Looks crazy and fun. (I'll watch it someday, not now, when I have less things to watch)
Good show, great music.
Cool but forgettable.

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wan wan wan
did poplar win in the manga?

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What is your favorite Sunrise Studio 8 anime?
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Mai Hime and Accel.
Mai Hime
Hime/Otome, LoveLive and Horizon

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What DBZ Arcs are worth watching?

I'm trying to regain the comfyness and principles of DBZ from my childhood but I don't want to waste a bunch of time watching hundreds of over-televised and/or non-character driven episodes.

I want to watch enough to get a feel for the characters again (mostly vegeta and goku) and watch them develop, and then watch the latter half of the cell saga and then the majin buu saga and stop.

I tried kai but there was too much violence and intensity cut out to be a good substitute (watch the episode where vegeta is tortured by frieza before goku finishes healing and you'll know what i mean) so I basically just want a roadmap for the best of the original series if you guys can help me out.

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watch nothing but filler.
sorta like a reverse kai.
kai is too soft though compared to the 90s violence. It has like no filler which is nice but it also loses a lot of what made dbz great imo; the cruelity and ruthlessness of the antagonists mostly. Which is great because it makes for a larger need and emotional drive for goku to save them.
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Kai removed violence as well as filler?

But why?

I have only seen the original.

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until you like it.png
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I am going to post this regularly until you like it
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>implying I don't want you to post it everyday until the final judgement day.

Less than 4 years from now though.

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Oneesan or imouto?
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No fair. Asking me to choose.
Childhood is idolizing imouto. Adulthood is when you realize Oneesan makes more sense.
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Imoutos are best.

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Lethe's swords are fucking awesome but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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I want to marry Mariko.

Pls share.
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maruino deluge.jpg
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Princess Deluge is best girl
I'm really excited to see Lethe fight, hopefully that happens next chapter, especially with the implication of PP taking the battlefield as well

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In your opinion, what non-shoujo manga or anime had the most WELL WRITTEN romance?
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Nozaki kun
Honestly? SAO. Kirito and Asuna's relationship in the first half of Part 1 was great. Literally the only good thing about it, though.

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Any Takobotsuya work
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is this a deconstruction of video game or something should i keep going
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It's pretty shit, the fight scenes were nice though. Ending is magical.
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Just watch Blood: The Last Vampire and call it a night.
Then watch a better vampire series.
There is no vampires in blood-c...

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No threads about this?
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I'll save everyone some time

It's garbage
>edgy nips want to kill everything
yeah, too late tho
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The art is good but it's still garbage

Is a cup meant to be filled?
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Kuro is meant to be filled
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Twintails look terrible on Kuro.
One tail is more than enough.
With muh dick.

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