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getting the cold shoulder at the next level
No one would buy carcasses like that.
With fish it's one thing. It's easy to prepare them. But large mammals like that take huge amounts of work.

>mfw dragons are literally better at socializing than me

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Traveling to a foreign country instantly gives you like 300 points of charisma.

I would imagine that this would be greatly magnified for a dragon
Because dragons get a bonus on charisma.
Have you never played DnD?
That explains, then I should give it a shot I guess

watamote thread.
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I sorry I try my best.
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PLEASE forgive me.
I am sorry tomoko this not right.

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Post your most autistic reasons for avoiding/dropping a show.

>Show has "sengoku" in the title
>Show has "nobunaga" or some variation in the title
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>show doesn't have nobunaga
>tags: moe, music, school, slice of life, drama
Instant drop.
There's literally nothing wrong with doing this.

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So this is the next Evangelion?
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Pretty much.
What is their obsession with sex... like all the characters in this anime think about sex and relationships 24/7. Do they not care about literally anything else in their lives... have they no hobbies? Do they not have any interest in their future or in anything other than sexual interactions and relationships?

Seems like such a foreign concept to me. Are the characters in this anime normies? Is that how normies are, thinking about sex and relationships all day everyday?
I'm more baffled by how the girl seems to be on the verge of tears in every ecchi scene and every time she kisses

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Did crab add in Kyurii so people reading have someone to relate to? Kyurii is a gigantic disappointment to her father just as most of you are.
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Awww this feels nice.
>Muh threads.

mmm.. fresh chicken!
Fuck off Phoneposting shitposter.

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HxH thread
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Who cares, let's get to the more important questions.
You triggered me so fucking hard.
Think about it.

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What does /a/ think about Boogiepop Phantom?
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I'm surprised none it was never adapted into a proper anime, although I think the LNs are still being published. They were supposed to be pretty big in Japan back in the 90s-00s, I wonder if it'd still have a chance today.
loved it.
Music is great and I can't remember which episode it was but the one with the 2 cops talking was GOAT
It's one of my favorites, just based on the atmosphere it creates. Reading the LNs is on my bucket list, but I doubt I'll ever get around to it considering how many there are.

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How hyped are you for Season 2?
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When is it coming out?

Hopefully this Fall.
Not much, they've pretty much adapted all the good part of the manga and it's gotten kinda stale since. Tatsumaki's still a cunt, Garou is still an edgy faggot, nothing's really moved forward and we haven't learned shit about their world or why Saitama got strong.

Mob Psycho 100 was a mistake.

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Does Aqua not wear any underwear?
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she does they are just invisible so no one can look up her skirt to look at her panties
She looks like a WHORE. At least black rabbit's magic skirt was classy.
wtf i love konosuba now

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Could you beat her in a fight?
Hint: You can't
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These threads are stupid.
A fictional person is incapable of coming to an appointed time and place to have a fight with a real person. Therefore, they would lose by default.
In her own fictional universe she is also incapable of issuing such a challenge, so I cannot miss an appointment with her within her own canon, thus making me immune of the defeat by default.

The only way for us to fight would be in a secondary fictional universe, where an [imperfect] copy of her opposes a fictional representation of myself. Such a fictional representation of myself is not identical to me though, in a number of important ways. It is therefore, and despite the name, not representative at all. The entire match would be pointless because it wouldn't prove anything except whether its author's disposition leans more towards me or my opponent. It is a meaningless exercise and could only serve as masturbation fuel, if you happen to find the sort of fantasy stimulating.
The only sensible way of measuring myself against Haruhi is outlined in the first paragraph. Which means, Haruhi loses against me by default, every time.
I'm specially trained to fight anime girls.

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Why aren't you reading the edgiest manga of the moment
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It's good tough?
But anon I am.
Eh not really. But it is fun in a retarded kind of way.
This is still going? It's so boring.

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Episode 6 soon.
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>dear diary
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This is perhaps the first /u/ I've ever actually wanted in an anime.

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Tetsuo Takahashi.png
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why is this allowed
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The only off-putting thing about this show is that I can't self-insert into a tall biology teacher.
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Is it saturday already?
>not self inserting as the cute cake succubus
are you gay?

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>lost once
>lost twice
>lost every time
>hurr our duel isn't over
Goddamn I swear.
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Will Yugioh ever surpass 5Ds?
>the greatest villain of all time
I mean he can still win if yugi gets a bad hand.
>Literally went to the Afterlife to play one more game.

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