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>God Tier: 2060s anime
>Great Tier: 2070s anime
>Good Tier: 2030s anime
>Retro Classics Tier: 2010s anime, 2020s anime
>Decent tier: 2050s anime
>Ugh, I'm glad those days are over tier: 2040s anime
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>yfw Re:Zero will be a cult classic in the 2030s
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>2007 was 80 years ago
All that's left of it is stale memes and dodgy shitposting. It won't be celebrated past this decade.

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You, too, could be watching the GREATEST ANIME of the DECADE.
Pick up Kemono Friends today!
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Quick! A wild Serval caught sight of you. What do you do?
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Sex with friends!

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>Just beat spooky grandpa ghost
What would you say in this situation, anon?
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I'd just spill my spaghetti and leave. I mean I just saw a spooky ghost.
I'm gonna fuck you son in his toned, David Bowie ass.
Something cool.

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Leave the universal tournament to me
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He could have defeated Cell

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>ttfw we used to be a happy family
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Clovis wore high heels and spandex tights?
How do a blond-haired man and green-haired woman end up with a black-haired son?
Those are half brothers and sisters.

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>people said that HxH is the best Yoshihiro Togashi work
>watch it
>get to episode 3
>the characters are all extremely boring and there hasn't been any buildup to anything at all so far

So when does this get good? It feels really generic so far. The only reason why I haven't dropped it is so I can fap to the porn better.
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Season 2 is when it finally becomes a Togashi show. If you don't at least like Gon though you're probably wasting your time. It stays very slow throughout.
Which version are you watching? 2011 or 99? 99 has a slower start.
2011, it feels like the show is speeding through a lot. Hopefully it slows down soon.

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You guys are alright, don't go to Heaven tomorrow.
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what are you gonna do with that gun?
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This should be good.
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Where do angels go when they're killed?

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Is this historically accurate?

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That's the brice of freedum, Japan
Kind of, yeah.
it's a parody
so its true but a dramatization

the dub is pretty funny too

Sao is shit.
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We knew that?
Congratulations on noticing, nobody else had figured that one out.
It's shit on way too much though. It's just another mediocre anime; there are tons of worse ones too.

Pointless thread.

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what the fuck just happened, I am traumatized.
why would he do this to her? what the fuck is wrong with Andre?
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It's going to be okay, anon.
Hah. Just wait until she dies. You'll want to kill yourself

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Why this slut is supposed to be the "best girl"?
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>wants to fuck one person
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into the pit.png
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/a/ is under the delusion that was the case with Aquarion Evol and look how that turned out
>wants to fuck


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Best 'the feels' moments.
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>I very very strong man, you very very strong man. Fight Joe Fight
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Not particularly. Each girl has their own route where they don't particularly even interact with the other girls or are even in a relationship with the protagonist. It's more of an omnibus format of sorts, each story being its own contained thing instead of them all existing in one singular world. Which in the end makes every girl their own winner.
Of course not.
no, neither are most other multiple love interest anime which get called harem on here a harem.

most of the time pseudo harems focus on one girl per episode and then focus on a different girl the next episode and yet another girl the subsequent episode. Then back to the first girl at a later time and start the cycle again.
Amagami SS is the same just that it gives you all the girl A episodes at first and only starts with girl B when that is finished.

It's as much of a harem as e.g. Love Hina, Haganai, Nisekoi, etc.
I dare say Amagami SS is closer to a harem than those, because Junichi actually gets together with all the girls. Just one at a time in different what-if scenarios, but still.

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How often is attachment disorder portrayed as a serious psychological impediment instead of goofy tsundere lolsofunnyexdee misadventures?
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Seven times

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Why does she have to suffer so much when she's so pure?
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Author taking out her frustration over Japanese men favoring yamato nadeshiko over her type.

Also it's a comedy series where everyone suffer.
She will suffer no more once i marry her!
You don't get to chose your parents.

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