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Seiyuu then and now
What went right?
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Seiyuu's are just people looking for a job, what went right is their agents.

Holy shit, Menma is Darkness? Kayano got mad range.
>Akame and Aqua
>Kirito, Betelgeuse and Tsundeshits
>BETELGEUSE has the same VA as a female tsundeshit VA
Hory shitto!

Who's the best anime grandpa?
And why is it Garp.
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He's a terrifying grandparent but a cool guy
Dragon ball has some good grandpas though
Grandpa Gohan
Goku by the end of Z
Mister Satan

technically in Bleach, Isshin becomes a grandpa

Byakuyas grandpa was nice.

Yugioh had that old grandpa

But the only one who truly rivals the greatness of Garp is probably Makarov.
For all the abuse he gave Luffy and Ace, he only did it because he loved them and didn't want them to end up being hunted down and killed by the world.

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Remind me /a/gain why are you not watching Idol Jihen
-Pro workplace equality.
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I've been getting super bored of idolshit recently
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Next week it gets real- A good day for a confession.
It's boring and none of the main characters are likable.

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Thank you, Jesus.webm
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Who's your favorite incarnation of Jesus Christ?
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black king.jpg
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You already posted it.

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yotsuba is for ____
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ever young.

Do I have to watch the whole franchise or are there some parts I can skip?
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Watch all
Why would you watch something you don't want to watch?
I do want to watch it. I just finished Bake, but I'm a little put off by the length.

although if i finished the whole jojo manga im sure i can get through this

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How does one protect themselves from loli attacks?
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Don't listen to rock
Buy a real car instead of a Prius.

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elfen lied.jpg
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Am I the only person who unironically enjoyed this mange ?
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dropped it at diapers
Honestly thought that's when it really got good though. Lucy/Kaede is probably one of the best female characters out there. Nyuu can suck a dick though.
I loved it it introduced me into manga.

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Will each of them actually get their own proper fight?

In the U6 Tourney really only Goku and Vegeta got to do anything.
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They're all jobbers and you know it
Tien has to be SSJ2 level at this point.
I imagine they'll all get some level of spotlight.
This arc looks like its going to be way the fuck longer than the U6 tournament.

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>Mou ikkai~
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Dakara, kocchi muite~

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Which one is better Fate or Tsukihime?
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Which one is getting milked?

protip not Tsuki
Haven't watched Tsukihime, but I like Kara no Kyoukai better than Fate, and I love me some Fate. Don't know if that helps. Ryougi Shiki can kill servants btws.
>Which one is better, poop or shit?

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You Heretic!.jpg
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Just watched it for the first time. It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. Sure, the CGI was fuck ugly, and the first 3 episodes were kinda crappy, but after that it was great retelling of the Tower of Conviction.
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I'm just twiddling my thumbs until the Blue rays fix the janky as fuck animations. I also missed the Lost Children Arc. ):
If anything I'm happy that the new anime brought us some good jokes due to how jank it looked.

Like the rabbit
or the CLANG
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Well I was planning on buying more of those manga volumes anyway, thanks for reminding me.

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>Ritsuko Akagi
>the truth is....
>h-heh.... you liar!
What the fuck was the truth? What did he say to her????
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Are you retarded? Did you even watch the show?
Holy shit, people like you are the reason we only have moe garbage nowadays.
>Are you retarded?
>Did you even watch the show?
>End of Evangelion: a show
Maybe you're the one who is retarded pajamalam.
questions eva, doesn't watch sudoStef or read forums baka


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How hard would you?
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Created to be a perfect breeding machine
Not very hard. I'm saving it for Milinda.
Would impregnate so hard she would give me a girl.

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Serious quesiton. Do people actually like this NTR shit?
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its not ntr
Fap material. That's it.

I scrub through to collect webms. It's a soap opera made to resemble 3DPD whores, move on.

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