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Dare I say...

Gunbuster > Evangelion
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In what ways do you think it is?
Of course.
You don't have to state the obvious.

Can we talk about the best girl for once? The one that we all agree is the best.

Picture very much related, you fucking faggot.
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Do people only like her design? She was one of the worst character in dr1. That stupid bitch killed the best boy with her retarded plan.
>Do people only like her design?
It's a girl. The design is the main selling point.
Drills Akame is nice.

New jump spread is out and i bet fucking /a/ cant name even half of these cuties.

you cannot prove me wrong.
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Lurk the archives.
Of course not, because they all look the fucking same.
Yea he's late as fuck. He's probably using IE

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What am I in for?
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Worst girl winning
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I dropped it after the library arc. Not that it was bad. I just really liked her and knew I wouldn't see her again. Everything before that was pretty good. It felt like an omnibus anime. Apparently it turns full harem though so I don't regret dropping it when I did

Subs out
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I want to spitroast Slutneki after I beat her in the arcade
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At least this is the proof that he loves Tooru and doesn't just want to fuck her like Slutneki
>Slutneki in a choker

someone is hungry for some meat. deer meat.

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tech wizard.jpg
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We can all agree that Constanze is the most powerful student aside from Diana, right?
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Andrew confirmed for episode 6.
I dunno how much to base things off the (no long canon?) OVAs vs. the new series, but Sucy clearly has an absurd destructive capacity.

/k/onstanze is my favorite, but her wand gun seems like a pea-shooter at this point honestly.
I wanna boop her nose

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So, I just finished episode 24 of evangelion. Should I watch 25 and 26 before EoE, or not? There seems to be some conflicting opinions on this.
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You should watch literally any anime other than eva, watch something good while you have the time.

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Red is cuter actually
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Sorry, but the cutest girl is Gunpuku no Himegimi.
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>Not Re:Creations
Also this would be the new guilty crown.

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Anyone here play osu!
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i'm so fucking bad at this game it makes me wanna suicide...

Rewatching DB and DBZ
Yachirobi is the laziest, most self-centered shit ever.
I can't wait for the episode he dies and is sent to hell for his continued sin of sloth.
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He is your self insert, that's why you hate him so much.
That is how every sub I have ever seen spells his name.
That is how Google spells his name.

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Pic related
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I remember this ninja so does my dick
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Everyone in this.
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Ninjas are my fetish

>Basilisk Kouga ninpou Chou
>Ninja Scroll
>Ninja Cadets
>Puppet Princess
>Sarutobi Sasuke
>Ninja Resurrection
>Black Lion
>Karasu Tengu Kabuto
>Sword of Truth
>Blood Reign
>Kyomu Senshi Miroku

>Manyuu Hikenchou

>Last Kunoichi
>Hininden Gauss
>Blood Shadow
>Samurai Hormone
>Mitama Nin
>Koi Maguwai
>Imma youjo 3
>Samurai XXX
>Karakuri ninja girl
>La Blue Girl

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New Game S2 confirmed
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Several hours slowpoke.
Lame, New game was literally one of the worst recent dogakobo shows.
Mikakunin deserves it more.

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Is RuroKen confirmed to be the comfiest shounen ever?

Also, ruroken thread
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The first arc was extremely good
The Shishio saga was generic shonenshit
The 3rd arc was complete utter garbage
I tried watching a couple of episodes of this after watching and loving Trust and Betrayal.

I'm not really fond of how goofy this series is by comparison. Is it worthwhile continuing?
I watched seven episodes (I think) and haven't touched this in about two months. Seemed like Meiji-period Inuyasha but worse and not worth continuing just to understand an OVA that's probably overrated MALshit anyway

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>16-year-old Male MC voiced by a woman

Why is this a thing, exactly?
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>he doesn't have a cute voice
Explain yourself.
Most male VAs can't make themselves sound like a 16 year old boy.
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>30-year-old Male MC voiced by a woman

Christmas cakes are for bullying
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>tfw fresh christmas cakes are now too young for me
kill me senpai
how old are you anon, damn that sucks
wizard age

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