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Why fuck was the underboob removed past ep 01?
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Was it really? I was thinking of watching it but if it's just bellies now, meh.
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this anime gave me a belly fetish
So it's safe for TV.

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Is this the proper way to bathe your waifu?
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You put the waifu down first.
THEN the sperm goes on top.

The concluding arc begins.
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>The concluding arc
it took him a year to conclude that shit cavalry and then we got a rushed end where a lot of stuff happens in a single chapter. He is clearly closing this thing he doesnt even like anymore.
So you don't have any, and OP is just talking out of his semen-encrusted ass.

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Why wasn't Alphonse invited to the party
He had nobody to go with
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That doesn't make any sense, he could have just taken his brother or that lesbian girl
Think about it anon

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Why is this guy on the team for the tournament, there has to be people stronger than him in the whole universe, hell even Yamcha is probably stronger than him.

Trunks and Goten are way stronger than Roshi as well, if Gohan can fight in the cell games at 11 then Goten and Trunks should be able to take part in the tournament at 13/14.
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Respect the Rosh.
As a serious answer, if this arc really does end up being about Goku going through a midlife crisis, then Roshi makes sense in a few ways.

Goku could have chosen him simply out of nostalgia for the old days. And through the arc, the weight of Roshi's age might slow him down, drilling home the point that time waits for nobody. He may even be the one to help Goku get through this tough time, since he's definitely been through his own version of this exact feeling.

In fact, I think Roshi might be the only character who's old enough to give that advice.
Why didn't they get Jackie Chun?

What's he been up to?

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What is the best cliffhanger in an anime and why is it pic related?
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Fucking Fujo sluts pushing their gay shit on the audience.

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She's best girl and you know it.
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rikuohsp_025 (.jpg
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How has she failed to get raped as of yet?
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She gets off more on the idea of it than the actual thing.
By being ugly.
Because she's actually really strong and won't let just anyone rape her.

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Saddest moment in the series bar none maybe the eclipse comes close
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She is one of the very few people in Berserk who is 100% innocent. I'd love for her to show up towards the end and forgive Guts.

She's gonna show up later, but she's gonna do something like team up with Griffith or kill guts.

I'd like to see Jill and her fight.
Jill is dead m8

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So now it's highly likely that the straw hats will have more poneglyphs than roger read at the time. This might be the key to "a different conclusion" Rayleigh spoke of.

Also, Carrot does not fit the straw hat's crew
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quebec libre.jpg
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Anti Shipperfag filter
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Luffy will defeat big mom and take Sanji for himself. Sanji belongs to Luffy. SanLu is cute! Sanji will kiss Luffy soon. I love Luffy and Sanji lots and lots. They are a miracle of the universe. SanLu will be canon by the end of this arc. u mad?
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u mad?

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> Didn't eat the monster cells

Maybe he's gonna end up being surprisingly strong? He's definitely fighting the transformed contestants with Suiryu. Not a chance they can take on Gouketsu though.
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He'll eat them next chapter
He would have eaten them along with the rest if he really intended to. Would also be too repetitive because of Choze. Out of the remaining artists he's the only one who did't get a reaction shot last chapter, unconscious characters like Buff Uub aside.
Suiryu straight didn't give a fuck but I'm pretty confident that Bakuzan will end up being the one talking about the "pride of being human" or something like that.
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It's time

So, that's it? He died?
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>He died?
No? He became a canned pineapple. Are you blind?

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18 hours until the next episode, buds
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No tapris next ep.
It's time for Satania to get out-memed.
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

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How to improve orange leader?
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LL is dead.
What am I looking at.
Get the original version

So /a/. Are the Digimon anime good?
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Decide yourself
I watched the OG one, but are the others good?

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