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Is 1080p worth it?
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in case of Hyouka, definitely
Worth what?
On public trackers it downloads faster so yes.

Which is best girl and why is it Diane?
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King is the best girl
doujins when, s2 when
King is the best girl

>throw a homer

What the fuck did they mean by this, /a/? Because I've been into professional baseball for YEARS and I've never HEARD of garbage like "throw a homer" before.

Did they mean "HIT a homer"? Are "professional" translators such garbage that they fuck up basic terminology and then try to blatantly defend it because they don't want their precious egos shattered?
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y u mad tho
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Don't CR higher ups check what the translator puts out before he finishes?

This person seems to just be doing whatever he wants.
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The translators are unironically "just pranking bro". The sort of people who go through life fucking up at every turn, and whimpering out "i-it's just a game!" or some other variant.

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Just 5 more episodes to go
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soon ded game and franchise
Is it confirmed what happend to the other Yuus?
It doesn't seem like it will be able to improve for the ending like 5Ds.
What a waste of show.

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Koyori knife.webm
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Time for knife episode.
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They got lazy this episode. Its full of stills this time.
This is a new level of lazy.
Mother of God.

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Alright, seriously. What the fuck was his problem?
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he lost his donger in the anime
Beats, Part 3!

>Alright boss, let's drop this dude! Yoooooo!
>Beats, Part 3! Beats Freeze!
>Alright, he's now within 5 yards!
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He's obviously in it for the groupies with a face like that.

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Say again you want to make me an honest woman
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Five of them
again you want to make me an honest woman
Akame has a nice body, but she doesn't have a personality.

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Accelerator, anyone who disagrees is either ignorant or simply an idiot.
SHIKI kills him

SHIKI kills it
Haruhi Suzumiya

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>korean anime

https://youtu.be/xZYNNogw9jg [Embed]

KEK, They're even trying to copy anime culture. (and failed, of course.)
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>Korean anime
That's literally every shitty seasonal anime done by noname studios.
this thread is retarded
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>(embed) [Embed]

Also it's not like Japanese anime is brimming with originality and excellence.

Manga related.

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>transparent skirt

Why does Prism Cherry do this?
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She wants to be plucked.

Would you pluck the cherry?
>Cherry power was potentially top tier but it was completely wasted and misused because the LoM is full of shit and wrote it wrong
Why is this allowed?
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>"...Heh. Just a bit... over a year ago I guess. Right when Alma went missing around F-City."

>"She belonged to the Human Resources Department, yes?"

>"Right. And that girl's magic was 'To possess a published record of all magical girls in history.',

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Watching FMA for the first time and holy fuck
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That's a cute dog you posted.
Euthenize it.
You're like, a decade behind.
I see you're watching 2003. Good.

Watch brotherhood after, though

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Did they actually have sex or is /a/ just bullshitting again?
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He just walked her home gently.
She's such a beauty.

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Let's la mazemaze!
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What are you Lets la Cooking tonight, anons?
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A baby in Ichika's fertile womb.

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alt party.jpg
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Imagine how boring and generic this would be
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Would make it more harem-ish
I wouldn't be surprised if Iris was an addition suggested by the publisher
She's so out of place with every other heroine and goes against the nature of the series
They would've saved fantasy Australia.

Yowamushi Pedal is a show about bike races.
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>giant upper body
>normal lower body
he's doing it wrong
>tfw we'll never see aoyagi's smooth, naked back
Oh boy it's time for the doping subplot!

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