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According to reports, the Aqours Concert screening sold out in 4 minutes in for San Diego Theaters. Why is LLSS so popular in Cali?

Is California the real Sunshine state?
Is it because of the Orangebowl?
Or is it because one of the VAs lived in California?
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Because Californians are faggots
According to reports, you're a faggot who has no idea that the San diego theater is pathetically small with only like 50 seats. Sunshine is such a flop they couldn't even get a bigger theater. And the theaters that have around 500 seats haven't even sold out yet.
It's because Love Live is just really popular, state or country be damned.

>Or is it because one of the VAs lived in California?
That's news to me. Which one?

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Is anime as popular in China and South Korea as it is in North America?
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No but It's very popular in North Korea, Kim loves that shit
The weeb Kim is RIP, anon.

>Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano
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Anime music has never been "good".
Good as in, not generic radiobait.
Prove me wrong.
He is better than the fucking cunt of Yoko Kanno.

he's good when he has good direction. when they let him do his own thing (see: the stupidass widget title soundtracks) it can get real shitty.

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Why does she get so many fanarts?
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Shit taste.
Because she's a best. A BEST!
Because there is literally one guy obsessed with her so much that not only does he spam Rin threads, he commissions fanart of her. And that's you.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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Fuck off, spic.
Fuck off, spic.
Fuck off, spic.

Post girls made for sex
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Is Konata the most relatable girl in anime?
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She has charisma and good conversational skills, so no
It's actually Akari. We both have no presence.

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Subaru is sleeping
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Who's that pkmn?

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Log Horizon was one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Just endless episodes of nothing happening.

I hate Sword Art Online too but at least it had things happening. Log Horizon was like "Strap yourselves in boys, this is SAO with fuck all in it"
>Casually mentions how he hates sao to try and sound cool
Please stop trying

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Say something nice about Ranko!
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Have she seen your dick?
Her drills serve as a convenient place to park my penis.

Can you live up to Darkness' expectationsa
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I want to fill up Darkness with my Light!
I will try.

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Shinka wins
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Most shitty KyoAni girl.
You're the most shitty KyoAni girl.
My cum inside her.

>did not even consider it

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I thought this was going to be a Hibike thread.
God bless anime physics.
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Yoshino is literally my wife!

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Season 3 when?
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>Threads always about "favorite anime" or "least favorite anime"
>tfw almost exclusively read manga aside from certain seasonal meme shows, just to keep up with faggots on here
Why do you fuckers DO THIS
It's Anime & Manga, not Anime & Anime
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We have multiple manga threads, What are you waffling about?
Like 90% of /a/ general threads are primarily about manga.
Rarely about a subject I specify in; autistically keeping track of things I like and organizing them.

I can't display my advanced taste in threads that specify Anime only. Watching exclusively seasonal meme shows, I don't particularly have a favorite anime, and if I organized one in my head it would be plebeian tier.

I can free my listed, numbered, autistic thoughts regarding my favorite subjects on every other board I browse aside from here.

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