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Seriously, The reason why him abandoning fighting to be a scholar works is that it drops him from the fighting roster in a way that isn't just being left in the dust. He's got his dream job and a loving family and can kick enough ass to get by (minus arc villains obviously). It was by far the best choice his character has made.

But noooooo, Gohanfags had to bitch and moan that their idol wasn't the combat beast he used to be and now here we are. You got what you wanted guys, next week is going to be the first of many Jobbings as he tries and fails to keep up with Goku.

It's gonna be Piccolo all over again, swear to god...
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Stop typing like a retard.
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After his horiffic childhood (ages 4-9 specifically), I want him to just spend the rest of his life relaxing and doing whatever the hell he wants.
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Did you not watch the episode? He literally is fighting only to protect the great life and family he has, this is for Videl and Pan. Thanks to Goku's dense stupidity and Zeno's innocence Gohan has to step in and help the team or else there goes the life and family he made for himself. Please think before you speak you faggot.

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Alright faggots it's time to decide right here RIGHT NOW

Which has the most fucked up, brain-killer story

Serial Experiments Lain or Evangelion
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lain for sure
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enjoy getting your free (you's) though OP

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Man, what a great series, so underappreciated. Can't think of anything else I've seen recently that's as moving as this managed to be in many episodes.
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yes, it's very good. can get the BDs cheap too. very worth it
Way too many episodes for too little plot imo it should have been half of that at the very most.
Its not great. Its one of the series that needed a happy ending. Change in mood makes you feel the rollercoaster effect and more invested in the series.
Instead we got an entire series of
If they werent going to do anything with the plot other than episodic melancholy it could have been shorter.

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This board has an unhealthy underage girls obsession
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Why would she cover her front if her back is getting pulled up? shit anime
Because she doesn't want you to see.
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Bumping. I've been hankering for the Holy Grail of this obsession. Who knows where to find Sijimi-jiru 3?

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vid related u fuckin losers

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Ironically, the best OP anime isn't anime.
Anime Ja Nai!
It was a fitting end-of-the-series opening, but the first opening from R2 is better overall.
De gozaru

Any idea where these scenes are from?
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episode 1 & 2?
Let's talk about birds and why they're so good.
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Index 3 draws nearer. NT18 sooner or later.
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I'll kill myself if Index S3 isn't announced this year,
The more threads we make the more its going to hurt
We live and die together, anon.

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Tsubasa chronicles.jpg
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About to start this
What should i expect
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It's not exactly flaming shit bag bad, but it's so generic that it's actually worse. A show that is complete shit you can atleast remember what made it shit. This labour of mediocrity is so unoriginal in every single way that you won't remember anything about it, except the fact that you watched it.
I think you're right, I think I watched this but I'm not 100% sure if I did or it just looks familiar and can't remember anything of it if I did.
Read the manga. Not great, but still vastly superior to the anime.

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i like to draw the dumbest fucking shit on eggs and i drew Dio Brando earlier on an egg
any ideas?
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chaika 10k.png
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at least she is perfect for that
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Isn't it about time for another Bubblegum Crisis reboot?
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What if the problem is too much bubblegum?
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Suzune is literally best girl even if she's not a chuuni gothic loli anymore. She's even better than Sayo, the plot continues.
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>She's even better than Sayo
You take that back.
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Was the timeskip a mistake so they reverted it back?
The time skip kinda wasted all the character and story development that was built up.

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>his sub voice
what went wrong?
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Nothing at all.
Nothing at aaaaall.
Pidgin japanese sounds stupid.

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I'm dropping it and coming back next year
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Is it really that slow? I've been meaning to read it because I loved the show but I was going to wait until my vocabulary is closer to 10k words.
wait until the current arc is over, i don't think is bad but is way too fucking slow
i remember when kaizaki was a main character.

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Damn, dragons look like THAT?
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nah, it's a quetzalcoatl
I hate comically disproportionate body figures. seriously put two melons inside of a tank top and you'll get practically the same effect
Shes mexican, and shes not a dragon OP
shes "una serpiente emplumada" or something like that

The frame looks like hand draw, but the movements are way too smoth to be hand draw. So it could be CG.
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nigga you blind?
The fuck are you talking about, that's clearly live action.
90% of anime nowadays is CG, the technology has gotten to the point that they can mimic hand drawn fairly accurately.
This is what Miyazaki warned us about, but nobody listened and now it's too late. Anime is no longer expression of humans, it is mass produced soulless drivel

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