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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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keep posting but I will never like it

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Owl is back!

Thoughts so far?
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Its still tryhard shit but still better than TG.
>better than TG
This. TG went full retard a long time ago.
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Creepy fucker

Fly me to the moon~
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Fry me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
let me play among the stars

let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars

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Kono bangumi wa goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okuri shimasu!
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Why does Tokyo Daycare fund so many anime?

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If Holo is a goddess, what is the proper way to worship her?
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With harvest festivals, it's literally the first episode
You don't
She doesn't want to be worshiped.
That's korbo.

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I watched Bleach a bunch back in the early YouTube days. The furthest I ever got was when I got to a filler arc about the Zanpakutō or something, and I just never got back to it.

So I'm watching Bleach again, does the show stop being worth watching at some point?

*random picture because I don't have anything Bleach.
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Yep, it stopped after the Soul Society arc
Don't waste your time on it
Or do, who am I to tell you
Honestly its worth a watch as long as you make sure to skip the fillers and only watch cannon.

I thought the filler arc about that new Captain wasn't half bad.

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Loli Neeto
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Dumb Aquaposter.

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The fuck you looking at? Keep scrolling
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I wanna stick that lance of longinus in my ass prongs first
Dont tell me what to do

Am I the only one that really want this to happen?
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Cool dubs.

What's your bet? I'm going with suicide. Only one chapter left and he wants to make slugs.

But I guess it could also be so he can hunt down the deer, but still suicide seems the highest bet.
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So, no one read the last chapter?
>crops survive
>kills the deer
>two page spreadsheet
>"I'm a hero"

It's gonna end in nothing, just him farming or stuff like that

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she win
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she is the most thirsty of all the girls
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And then she eats it, man I need to go fap.

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Bitches on my dick because I look like J.K. Rowling.

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It's fucking 5pm I have shit to do
Nighty nighty
Is only 6pm MOM
where are you in the ocean?

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A new Shin Chimoguri chapter finally came out, but they switched from plain URLs to an XHTML reader. Can anyone help me rip this? When I dump the response body in Fiddler, I get a scrambled image. Do I need to run it through a base64 converter? Reminds me of EBJ.

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Also, it looks like they finally replaced their 1200px with 1920px images, which is nice.
You can use the responsive design mode in Firefox to make your window bigger and take snapshots of the chapter. You only have to make sure the final height the page is displayed at is the same as the real one. Then you just have to crop the images you get.

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onihei cubes.png
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wtf are these cubes even
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Japanese certified /comfy/ commie blocks
Places in the matrix that failed to render.

Now where my Onihei bros at?
not on /a/, or anywhere, really. this series falls outside of 4chan's niches.

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