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ELO is great but fuck the daicon iv opening
What is sex with the bunny girl like?
Fuck you dude

What's your favorite Osamu tezuka's manga?
Personally I would say Black Jack, though I love many others such as Leo the Lion or A Tree in the Sun. Not a bit fan of Apollo's Song though.
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100% Black Jack, no contest.
Have you read Phoenix? I've heard that it's his best manga.
>when that black jack prequel started airing
>/a/ was in uproar about how unrealistic it was and whatnot
>proved again they're a bunch of newfags and didn't know that black jack is literally medical jesus

It was embarrassing to be honest

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Today on /a/: You hear it you lose, ED edition
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Best timing.

So he had the chance to change history to prevent Main girlrom being knocked up and becoming slut and all he does is tell her to wear protection. She still sleep with her boyfriend but doesn't get pregnant due to condoms and breaks up with him. I thought the point of this story was to have the main girl break uo with her boyfriend before she has sex with him so she would be with MC. What a fucking waste of time
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ogd yoshino.png
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In theory it would've been easy to persuade her, but teenagers are emotionally sensitive so it would've been impossible without sending signals that wouldn't be misinterpreted. MC seemed to be incapable of love, and regrettably so, so I think that he was extra cautious to not allow his intentions and feelings to be misunderstood.
Anyway, the goal was to save Yoshino, which was pretty clear from the beginning, so I don't know where you got that idea. Then again it's been a while since I read it so I'm not absolutely sure.
They got a happy ending so it's all good.
Because It was obvious Yoshino like Ichigo and vice versa. Yoshino was fucking a guy while having feelings for MC. This is the worst. The most senaible ending would be for the two to end up together after highschool and Yoshino deciding to break up with her boyfriend before fucking him. This jusy lowered my opinion of her. I thiught she had sex with her boyfriend because she lived him, I guess not.
Yoshino was just a slut from the beginning. You think a condom makes a difference. How many guys did the fuck before Ichigo during the timeskip. Ichugo couldve stopped the slut tendency from the very beginning and married after uni. Now Masaki came out the winner.

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Do you think Yuri on Ice's success will change the industry somehow?

Will we see more anime with canon homo?
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I hope not.
Nope. The industry already knows that girls have money and how to bait girls who like homo. The most that will happen is maybe a decrease in otome idolshit.
>canon homo

No you delusional fujoshit.

Has the deteriorated animation quality of anime been addressed to the creators of anime? /a/?

im not that much into anime, but i know enough to know that anime thats being created in the past 10 years isnt as close to as good as the average old anime from the 80's and 90s

if the gaming industry worsened graphics the industry would be in an uproar so what is happening with anime? most of it is like 2 frames per second these days? update me what the fuck is happening

inb4 story is more important in anime, granted but same can be said to other forms of entertainment, story driven games still have up 2 day graphics, same with CGI film

the fuck is happening with anime
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>deteriorated animation quality of anime
KyoAni exists. Your argument is invalid.
Lurk more before posting, a couple of years is the standard.
Just because you've seen a few old high budget productions doesn't mean you're suddenly an expert on old anime. And comparing them to the average airing anime is plain retarded.

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Why are lolis so cute?
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Because reasons.
File: 42675621_p0.png (522KB, 730x900px)Image search: [Google]
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Their cruelty.
I want to make a sad loli smile.

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Piss and loli both had a taste of MC semen with extra bukkake for loli. Also sensei again.
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>Piss and loli both had a taste of MC semen
Is this true?
I took a break from this manga a while back, i think just before he started with the teacher.
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Remove Sensei.

Takahiro to start a new series called Strelka with another artist in Big GanGan in May!
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Akame looks like she doesn't want to be there.
The series is called Hinowa ga Yuku!

strelka is the artist, dumbass
The designs look fugly.

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Why can't Nips make good sci-fi?

Aside from a couple exceptions like Ghost in the Shell and Blame!, most anime "science fiction" is just an excuse to have giant mecha fights with some barebones no-effort world building tacked on. Where is the imagination?Where is the wonder?
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>excuse to have giant mecha fights with some barebones no-effort world building tacked on

Because they are toy commercials
>Japanese people
>Asian people


their fantasy stories are terrible too, most of the time, especially when they western-fantasy based
>most anime "science fiction" is just an excuse to have giant mecha fights with some barebones no-effort world building tacked on.

That's "space opera."

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Marifags on suicide watch
>since she appeared in Jo, Ha and Q, I wondered what her role in the story would be, and when I asked the staff, they told me that it won’t be possible to really go further in one film, so they had to tie the main story up, and that Mari may have almost no screen time


Also Gainax still dead
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Mari a shit.
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>movies went nowhere
>did nothing new
>only new character ends up being entirely pointless
>Anno continues to endlessly bitch and moan about otaku while cashing in off them off rehashes
>his critically-acclaimed work was a fucking Godzilla movie

sasuga, Gainax
Sigh. Why, Anno, why? Why did you need a full gay piano movie instead of something sensible? No, really, this was a joke, right?

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Name a purer maiden.

protip: you can't
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True, I can't. He is so pure that even taking hundreds of dicks in his youth doesn't detract from it.

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Berserk 348.jpg
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Predictions for chapter 348,will Schierke & Farnese be able to handle watching the eclipse unfold before their eyes?
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Broken Doll.jpg
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Moon Child.jpg
984KB, 1836x3207px
No because theyre gonna die in it

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Who will fight who at the ceremony?
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Nami will job to Puddin until Sanji mans up and gets over not hitting girls to save her.
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Friendly old person.jpg
110KB, 500x279px
To all Sanji X Nami shipper, luffy has the most chance to fuck nami since how close they're.

Which means no one will end up with her.

Only Ussop will likely have kids. Maybe Luffy with Hancock. The other will be alone.

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>this will never be you
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Kazuma has all the luck
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pj Megumeme a cute
>Ice cold tiddies

Go lay on a block of dry ice.

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