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With current trend of Isekai in manga/light novel, why there are no Isekai where the MC is transported to Sengoku period ?
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Nobunaga's imouto probably.

Checked btw
I bet there are novels with that premise, but they're just not popular enough.
Uh, hello?

Nobunaga no Chef exists, you retard

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Lets discuss the cultural importance of the written word.
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Honk if you want season 2 of Renkin Sankyuu Magical? Pokan!!
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Best OP, Best ED, fuckers.
Respect Pokan.
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why was it so good?

ITT: Best Old Characters in Anime
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>Mistah Tsukimoto
Shampoo's great-grandmother.
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Joseph Joestar

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Is Captain Earth anime kino?
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It had a compelling PLOT.
Fuck off, /tv/.
Whoa. What jarring symbolism.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Use the trip or fuck off you faggot

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Nagato Yuki's legs.
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I too, miss Tissue Hime.

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Rebuilds and extracanonical materials aside, his "love" for Shinji was actually just a psychological attack, right? It fits the pattern established by the last two angels.
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Of course, Kaworu is 100% hetero.
Of course, after all, it's not gay if it's Kaworu. It's always hetero to get fucking by an angel.
Yes he was an angel the enemy

Jolyne Kujo is cool, maybe even my favorite jojo, Costello is cool and... that's about it, the other characters are even more basic than the characters started off in part 4.

Most stands so far (just finished the plakton with a stand chapter) are fairly uninspired, and some while are cool they require so much bullshit to make sense (like the blind sniper that's basically dare devil, but I'm supposed to buy that he can feel the air nearly a kilometer away from him). White snake could be cool, but so far no interesting shenanigans like people with multiple stands/souls that I would expect happened(there's the plakton with a stand I guess, but it doesn't really act any different to than a human).

The art style went to shit, everybody looks the same, the ones who don't don't even look like humans.

Also, the idea of a jojo part set in jail coulda been interesting, but so far Araki hasn't really taken advantage from the setting, this story might as well happen in a small city.

So with all of that, is there any reason why I shouldn't just jump straight into steel ball run?
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At least the ending is important to know about, if you jump straight into Steel Ball Run you might misunderstand it.
The last story arcs are also pretty satisfying as they take an epic proportion to a point that is never seen in the rest of the series.
The most important reason not to skip it is how it fits into the whole Jojo series, you'd ultimately be sorry when you realize this.
sigh...goddamn it anon, I'll trust you and power throught it then.
imo, it´s linked to your manga tastes. if you like chapters with character´s developement, don´t read it until the final battle. But it´s important to do it although dont like it.

Watching Rem get cucked, yet again, was fucking hilarious.

Shit Film.
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Nice review and /pol/ memes.
Nice review and /pol/ memes.
nice review and /po/ memes.

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Doctor, we want children.
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Dorkbot, just pee in her butt and you'll have babby in nine months.
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here you go, kids. have fun.
Has Shirow answered the question of how cyborgs make babies?

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This is my wife Suzuhara. Congratulate us on our happy life together please.
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Best. Girl.
That's obviously Hikari Horaki with terrible aspect ratio.
I can't get this stupid cunt's dub voice out of my head. It's so goddamn annoying.

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Being Yuki Nagato is suffering
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As it should be.
just read the fanfiction manga

Oh my god, everyone. I've fallen in love with Nami.
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>Luffy needed Nami to help him take down this shitter
>barely took down Doffy
>niggas think he could even scrape an Admiral at this point in the story

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Post girls that are so shitty that no man could possibly have them as his waifu
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hah hah i was first

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