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See this, what do?
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Bury my face in her angelic tiddies
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Well /a/, I just finished this, so I thought I'd give my opinion :
-wolfwood is best boy
-Milly is best girl
-there might be something wrong with me but I actually liked this OP more than cowboy bebop's, but the ED was trash

Also trigun thread
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Thanks for the review
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trigun's some good stuff a reboot would be neato though
Im surprised with Trigun not having a BD for the series with how popular it is in the west.

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Are Fafnir and Takiya a gay couple?
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It's just guy love
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Are Kanna and Saikawa a lesbian couple?
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Everyone in this show is gay

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>There will never be an Anime as terrible as Dragon Crisis ever again
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There is a certain dragon anime right now that'll take that position.
The opening was good tho

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Today is the 4 month anniversary of Serena's kiss. Will she ever return to the Ashnime
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No, she's gone the way of Misty.
You have an entire board to post about this bullshit, yet for some reason you people keep coming here?
Lillie a shit.

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>it's a pantsu joke
>it's a sexual harassment joke
>it's a food joke
>it's a "I'm a bad cook" joke
>it's a "I'm not afraid of ghosts" joke
>it's a "making fun of an overused cliche" meta joke
>it's a "breast envy" joke
>it's a "kocchi minai de" joke
>it's a "misunderstanding" joke
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>it's an ecchi harem series
you brought this upon yourself
Everyone outgrows anime
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>it's a "we're going shout out why the joke is funny even though it was pretty obvious" joke

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Do I read Baka-Tsuki or do I wait for yenpress jews?
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The Baka-Tsuki translations were pretty good so if you are worrying about the quality then that's a non-issue but the translations were taken down after the licensing so you'll have to find someone that has the pdfs downloaded.

10/10 LN
This is the Punpun of LNs.
Thanks, and they are still up on BakaBT.

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I feel like someone just told me I had a lot of dandruff.
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it very good and easy to understand until suddenly the zombies talk to each other and there weird things falling from the sky

It like Gatnz without the mech lol
I haven't read since the nurse jumped in the garbage truck. What happens to the zombie girl and the uber zombie otaku guys?
you want full spoilers or no

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Being a Korean japanese, does Hori Eriko, Maki's VA suffer any racism?
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I certainly hope so
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Yes the korean love live fanbase hate her guts

People say this series is great because it goes against the usual harem stereotypes, showing how alpha the protagonist is. I got to the 3rd episode and you already get a scene like this where the guy completely submits to the girl and lets her do whatever she wants against his will. So how is it any different from your usual harem anime?
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Same Harem as usual, just a bit funnier is all. At no point in the anime thus far, the manga, or the WN does Kazuma get truly sexual with any of the girls after the who Darkness snafu.
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Kazuma is Alpha?
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Nothing really romantic happens until 3~5 volumes into the story. We won't get a confession until volume 5. Additionally, there's a severe lack of common harem cliches like accidental kissing, walking in on them changing, or a tsundere girl hitting the MC for simply interacting with other girls. There's no love at first sight, or girls liking the MC solely for the fact he's nice, aside from Yunyun, who's so desperate for friends, she'll latch onto anything genuinely nice to her. Have you actually watched harem trash?

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Is Satania retarded?
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Cute Girls with Cute Guns shooting Cute Schools

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Oh boy, the wait is finally over. Time to see this chap after several months o waiting.
Also, Akenocchi-san best girl
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Will someone pick up this top quality manga now that Viz is done with it?
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Banba the man didn't deserve this.
I hope jaiminisbox will be doing the new series.
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>Under 19
>chapter 18

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>Battle shounen manga
>Every single character has a super sad backstory
Why does nobody in shounen has normal childhoods?
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Zenkichi had a normal childhood other than his dad walking out, but it's not like it was super sad for him or anything. But I guess the whole point of Zenkichi's character was to be the normal guy surrounded by freaks.
GSG is the only battle shounen that does super sad backstory actually depressing.
Because people who have happy lives generally don't want to fight to the death

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What the FUCK did I just watch /a/?

please explain how this show is not trash
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Explain how it was.
Dude X-files lmao
It makes more sense when you're stoned off your ass.

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