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A characters strength and power-level is inversely proportional to the quality of said character.

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I concur.
>what is heroic spirit named Emiya Shirou
>What is the Endless?

>Schoolgirl who is also a super famous idol.
So what's your least favorite character archetype?
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Autistic oppai airheads
The normal school boy who gets his life suddenly turned upside down
NEET girls. Stop making degeneracy look cute.

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Im not saying it was jews.jpg
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Why do EVERYONE have the same fucking shoes in this manga ? Except for some minor tweaks and differences, every ninja has the same standard model of shoes in Naruto. How is this possible ?
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there's a monopoly on the shoe market
Kishi has a foot fetish

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Would you watch a new season of Cowboy Bebop?
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Only if the people behind Space Dandy did it.
No because there is nothing more to tell.
Spike's story is done.
Prequel would be pointless and sequel would need to shit over the ending.

Why the fuck do people want sequels/prequels/rehashes INSTEAD OF NEW FUCKING CONTENT?
If it was good. Unlike the original.

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QB Unlimited main.jpg
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Why anyone didn't tell they are rebooting Queen's Blade?
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A new ova soon, the site is up.
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We did, several times in the last two months, it just you weren't paying attention.

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What's the best OP this season and why is it Akiba's Trip?
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Not impressive or good.
I totally agree and I love that the full version is actually a still good song, instead of just the good part was cut out for the OP. Also Rieri got to adamantium/10 semen demon level in the video.

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What could go wrong with season 3?
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its existance
Its gonna be fucking amazing
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Plenty of things.
But then, plenty of things went wrong with R2 and people still love that.

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So will they continue it or not? Even Shaft seems to have forgotten about the "concept movie". Will they wait another decade or so like with Eva?
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They were busy with Monogatari.
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They always seem to be.
There is no money left in Madoka. The discs won't sell, because nothing does, and people are tired of the characters, so the waifu pillows will sell poorly too.

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Why does /a/ hate her?

>can banter
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>Why does /a/ hate her?
It doesn't
Lurk more

She's the main girl. She is not cat. She is not bat.
Who cares, reddit loves her.

what would you do in this situation?
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Rub her belly button?
Lock lips with her while staring Moffle dead in the eyes and flipping him the bird.
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smack that bitch down and fug a SUPERIOR woman

Is Boruto actually Naruto but having a midlife crisis?
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No, Boruto is actually shit.
who's the dude on the left?

Why does most modern anime feel so disposable? For example, will anyone every remember or reference this show? Do they even remember what it's called now?
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Please get some self-awareness you stupid fucking moron. Here, I'll give you a hint to start with. There's more anime made now than ever. Therefore there will be more generic anime than ever. Also, bad shows from the past are not remembered, good shows are. Don't bother replying to me, just grow up and start using your fucking brain.
This has always been the case. The series you remember from decades past are much smaller than those you don't. Also there's more Anime being made now so that would contribute to it.
I agree with the other commenters, but I also want to point out that people remember DanMachi well enough that there's interest in the spinoff series. So basically that's a terrible fucking example.

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ruby tuesday.jpg
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She's more annoying than Nico, Just think how annoying you have to be to top her.

That's how Ruby was created.
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t. Youfag
Opinion discarded.

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Is Kodomo no Jihad any good? Got a really mixed opinions on this.
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Shit, wanted to write 'Jikan'.
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I want to take advantage of a broken emotionally dependent rori.
Read the manga. The anime has problems.

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