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Winner takes all. This is the universal rule of battle, /a/.
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why is this anime so underrated
How about we bet $2000?
just posting best OST

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I'm going to leave my wife Chino here for a bit. Please take care of her and don't do any nasty stuff.
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i will protect her with my life
can she do impressions of my wife?
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I've learned her some self defence just in case.

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This anime is great. Would have been better if they fuck for real.
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fetishizes school the same way toradora does. self indulgent teen romance, because apparently the person you are in high school is who you'll always be.
It's lewd.

Was lesbian sex not good enough for you?


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Hey kid, wanna have some ishukan communication?
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I wonder if she'd like my shota sized dick.
I want to have some anal communication with her.

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What's the best sport for cute anime girls to do?
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ping pong

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The best time of the week has finally arrived!

It's Miuna Monday.
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Its already tuesday though anon.
Not where it matters.
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I hope the mods will let this thread live a little longer

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You cant just marry mami
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Fine, I'll take Ami too but I won't like it.
But I don't want to
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Pick one. You can't cook food for the one on the right.
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The right. What kind of cuck would pick the left?
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I'm gonna ship the two together.
The left, I'm attracted to people more similar to myself

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Post only women that have defeated the cock completely
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How does one defeat a cock?
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ITT we name the show from webm or gifs. I'll start.
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I thought you said you were going to start? I don't see the name of the show listed.

Blatant artstyle
That's clearly Katanagatari

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>one of the best artists to come out of Japan in years
>appealing, likeable characters with strong, memorable designs
>for the most part, all of them get a chance to shine
>every character works like a dog to improve and/or overcome adversity, with the sole exception being frequently pointed out as unusual
>the writing is mostly strong, and rolls with the shonen bullshit fairly well
Aside from the "real Eyeshield 21" crap, the introduction of Riku, and the shitty, unnecessary final arc, I would say ES21 is one of the best series' to ever come out of Jump, and easily the second best sports manga
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Eyeshield 21.jpg
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Also, they totally fucked.
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Fuck i had forgotten about that.
>>one of the best artists to come out of Japan in years
This is sort of a weird way to talk about a series from fifteen years ago.

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so, does she has any chance of winning or will he end up with the doormat?
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Only if she manages to stop being so damn crazy.
I really disliked the confession this chapter, I'm hoping that he actually heard her well and a decision is made rather than shruging it off like those "n-nothing" moments in so many other stories
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When are they going to stop doing this shit?

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Have you ever managed to successfully introduce anybody you know to anime and actually gotten them into it?

I'm starting to think it's impossible to become a fan unless you either started out with it as a child or had a weeb phase as a teenager.
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I introduced my dad to Berserk. He likes it more than I do now. I'm talking a 55-year-old man cackling wildly whenever hai yo plays, not caring about the shitty quality of the series. I envy him.
I introduced my dad to Girls und Panzer and he's like 60 years old. he has never liked anime before but he said it was really good
I have successfully introduced people to anime by evading the core of anime and telling them in very clear terms that they were not anime fans and would not like anything that I didn't handpick for them.

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Why isn't Little Witch Academia as big as Kill la Kill?
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It's boring in comparison. The characters aren't as fun or interesting, and neither are their interactions. Ryuuko is cute and badass while Akko is straight up annoying and talentless. Still episodic, and nothing is building up to a plot, implying it's going to remain episodic for a while.
>nothing is building up to a plot
Andrew's episode.
It's moeshit

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