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What were her last thoughts?
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Dick. Probably
Hibiki's ass
This anon clearly has no idea of what he's talking about.

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Are you having fun yet, /a/?
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>tfw watching the latest episode fully unspoiled about the incoming events

My body was not ready Yui ;_;
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I miss this show. Doesn't get enough love around here.

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Some TV Show in my shithole country made a Jojo Reference.


When where you when Jojo references were taken too far?
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que de la verga
Is Jojo that popular where you live or something?
No, not even anime in general.

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Is it just me or could you totally see shinji working at KFC? Like I just imagine someone asking him what he does and him saying, "I make fried chicken" in his whiny voice. Also would u watch an Eva spinoff where it takes place in the alternate reality where they have normal lives and shinji quietly makes fried chicken and gets employee of the month while azuka strives to become employee of the month? Of course shinji and his friends get into misadventures along the way and misato is the manager of the KFC white kaji being the one hot guy who comes in like every week and orders the same shit and flirts with the female employees. Shit would be cash
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Fuck off with your fanfiction bullshit.
Would watch.
I could see him having another breakdown while wearing the uniform.

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What kind of panties are the best?
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what kind of mongoloid question is that
Himo shimapan

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Post characters whom have been cucked
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i've never seen someone cucked so hard before

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I believe I have what it takes to defeat Shinka.
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are you a dog?
I am a dog for Shinka.
I fucking hate Shinka. Whenever I see Shinka, I want to fuck the living shit out of her, but in a hateful, violent way. She pisses me off with her idiotic conversations and attention whore bullshit. I hate how she wears next-to-nothing, and always has her breasts hanging out, but we aren't supposed to even remotely lead on that we all want to fuck her brains out; she wants us to love her horrible, stupid, petty personality. I fucking hate her. Don't get me wrong, when I see Shinka, I want to fuck her like everyone else. The difference that I also see her and hate her with every fiber of my being, and desire nothing more than to fuck her and belittle her, hit her and degrade her.

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Why am I so obsessed with Hanabi /a/?

I just want to take her self loathing confused virgin self and stuff my cock down her throat right before I split her open and take her virginity.

anybody else feel this way? If nobody else will do it I will.
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Her throat would make a fine onahole.
Hanabi would make a fine girly boy.

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>what if we took a mahou shoujo spinoff
>then, what if we took the main character...
>and then, what if we made a sequel movie leaving out her and all of her lesbian friends
>PrismaIllya Movie: Yukishita no Chikai
a complete insult to the Prisma Illya series.
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seems like a good idea to get the flashback arc out of the way in a movie.
But one of her lesbian friends is in it.
Prisma went to shit after season 1.

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Because Herculeskabuterimon is a fucking badass.
>shows up for one episode in the sequel to the first season nearly 20 years later
>instantly becomes the most heroic and memorable character
>goes just as fast as he came
What happened? I haven't watched Tri at all.

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Usually this would be tomorrow, but due to the image blackout, I'll just post last week's SYD today. Hopefully edit anon is here
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[Right side]
A traditional all girls school has been converted to co-ed and two siblings have been dragged into the slapstick comedy.
[Arrow Shino] Tsundere with one sided feelings for protagonist
That's the movie they're making
[Arrow Aria] Mysterious beauty



"Let's go home together!"

"Sorry, I forgot my lines..."
"Ohhh, keep it together"

"One more time, I guess:
"She doesn't seem that dissatisfied"
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Comic 1
Embarrassed feelings


"Could you please show a little more shyness"
"That's hard"

"You're shooting this scene from the torso up, right?" [TN: Well, it's not breast enlargenment, so I think this makes sense]

"If the lower half of her body is naked, don't you think she'd be more shy?"
"But I would pay so dearly for that"

Comic 2
Tone up


"This mic is having sensitivity issues"
"Is it broken?"

"Oh maaan, we need a mic for this scene"

"If you raise the sensitivity of the performer, you'll raise his one and he will resound effectively"
"Crap, she's looking over here..."
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Comic 1
Extra soul

"Extras don't make eye contact with the camera"
[Bottom] Main

"Same for you, Tokki, you gotta be more dignified"
"I don't care..."

"If you slouch your back, they're gonna have a good shot of your bra through your clothes"

Comic 2
Processing artisan

"Leave it to onee-san"

"CG technology is pretty nice"
"Because the image will look nicer through adding small touches"
[Bottom] Todoroki-san is helping out

"Like this scene where you're looking into each other's eyes..."

"It will feel richer though adding a saliva bridge"
"Stop it!!"

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SAO Ordinal Scale
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Idol Silica is so cute. My body is ready.
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SM wagecuck represent
Gonna hide at the projector room later

Alicization teaser end.

Find a flaw
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dick too swag

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I promise you that I won't even click that link.
I don't understand the question
It's not hard

Precure thread

Threadly reminder that Maho being bad is just a meme.


Score: 7.07


Score: B+


Final Rating: 6.98 (7)



Maho is objectively a masterpiece.
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scarlet wrist open.jpg
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