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Can someone remind me who's best girl again?
It's a tie between Linlin and Fubooty
You know what, I like the idea of using the extra chapters of continuation of the story instead of "random story about Saitama or King", it would make things in the upcoming volume look less than a clusterfuck and not rushed.

Next Extra Chapter should be focused on what PP, Darkshine and ZombieMan are doing imo.

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Tsukihi is mad at you. How do you react?
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Not feel any different because there aren't any women that aren't mad at me :/
I fuck her right on that table, like it when she's angry
Worship her feet

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Clack clack clack
i've come to save you
what to do?
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desu i wouldnt even open the door for somone that i dont know or the delivery guy (who i know)
Genshiken > Welcome to the NHK
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what's your fav genshiken character (pic related)

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Gonna get comfy
They greenlighted this because it will sell with those who will self insert to the old guy manager
It was only a matter of time considering how popular the manga was.

Does it say which studio will get it? The art style is a little different so it'll take some effort to adapt the character designs.

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Left to right:

Fingerbang, fuck, rape, marry.
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Gang rape Satan is and give her to the dog after.
fuck, rape, rape, marry
Marry, kill, kill, kill

What the fuck is this secondary casting? There's only one guy here that actually fits the role.
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Batou and Togusa looks like rundum guys from comiket.
The sir Kitano is glorious.
And black guy just posing for his fb page.

Batou looks like TV's Frank
Is Batou supposed to look like the mechanic from Battlestar Galactica?

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Why does /a/ like her so much ?
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Fucking who?
literally who?

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Choose your wife.
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Both are shit.
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I'd fuck both but Hotaru's design is just oooooooooooooo.
Left, I don't marry cow.

Which anime eye type is your favorite? Top-right makes my dick hard.
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Top right is never used outside of like 80's shoujo, though.
Not mid right is all I can say
First one.

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What was your first anime?
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InuYasha was the first time I seen anime
Dragon Ball Z was the first anime I watched

50/50 anime and game thread.
I finished Berseria and the logical step is to play Zestiria next, but every single time I mention this plan anons say that Zestiria is a huge waste of time as a game. There's the anime which may cover some stuff from Berseria but not all.
I know Edna is Eizen's sister and she's a main in Zestiria etc etc.
Should I watch Zestiria the X if I don't feel like playing a 40h game that was considered bad everywhere else?
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my friend told me to play zestiria first because he believes that I won't play it after beating berseria due to it being bad
The anime is a waste of time if you're only watching for it's connections to Berseria. It unfortunately has gutted it's main plot to focus on Rose and Alisha, two side characters, while pushing everyone, Eizen's sister especially to the sidelines. You're better off just going on Youtube and watching the cutscenes, some people complied them into a movie or a Let's Play and use that to decide whether or not you want to purchase Zestiria for yourself, or if you're fine watching someone else play it.
Well the anime's story is very different from the game's. Some people are speculating that the anime is now canon but I wouldn't believe that unless Bamco confirms it somehow. Only two episodes in the first season are about Berseria; it only ever gets brought up again when someone mentions Velvet and Magilou in passing. The Berseria episodes cover the escape from Titania and that's it.

It wasn't the worst game I've ever played but it felt like a let-down after the hype and the great first few hours. Basically poor writing and decision-making hijack a lot of the promise that the game holds past a certain point. You can probably get it dirt cheap and try it out for yourself. I wouldn't pay more than five bucks for it, though.

Berseria actually made Zesty more comprehensible. If it takes a sequel to make the original game coherent, that's a bad sign.

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If Hanabi was laying in bed with you right now what would you do?
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switch bed or sleep on the couch, I dont want that crazy psyco slut anywere near me

Anon.... Are you gay?
push her off

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>it's a church trio volume
>best girl steals the cover
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>I…I want to aim to become the club president which suits me. ――Asia Argento

>How do you do. I am Rudiger Rosenkreutz. ――7th Ranker of Rating Game: Rudiger Rosenkreutz

>That man is a reincarnated Devil who was formerly a human. He was a legendary player and one of the person Hyoudou Issei was aiming for.

>We need to defeat this team led by Dulio-sama which is formed by strong reincarnated Angels. …This will be a big obstacle for our team. ――Ravel Phenex

>The first obstacle for this tournament awaits Ise’s team.

>Oh, so Xenovia-paisen and others will become my friends!? I’m so hyped! ――Team Rias’s mysterious swordswoman, Lint Selzen

>A new member is about to join the girls group that are from Church.

>The reincarnated Angels of Joker Dulio’s team are all top-tier fighters of the Church. ――Xenovia Qualta

>A fight against her former comrades is about to begin for Xenovia.

>I will have to work even harder on my job as a Devil under Ise-kun. ――Rossweisse

>It’s only for a limited time, but finally the Devil’s job starts for Hyodou Issei’s servants.

>Hahaha, the identity of Mister Black is excellent. Now, this is what I’m talking about. ――Vali Lucifer

>Ise is shocked and Vali is in joy at Rias Gremory team’s mysterious ‘Pawn’.

>If you join my team then the tournament-focused team will be complete. ――Rias Gremory

>The new team member who was welcomed by Rias Gremory is――

>…My husband…please allow me to offer you a service. ――Himejima Akeno

>Is there anyone…who can stop the woman who has become engaged with Hyoudo Issei?

>Ddraig, prepare yourself. ――Chaos Karma Tiamat

>T-Tiamat! Wait, let me explain myself! ――Two Heavenly Dragons Sekiryuutei Ddraig

>The last and the strongest Dragon King gets in contact with Sekiryuutei.
>Nariki Ouryuu, heading out! ――The heir of Nakiri clan: Nakiri Ouryuu

>I shall become Sekiryuutei’s fang! No matter who it is, I shall take down anyone in our path! ―― The retainer of “Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth”, Bova Tannin

>Dragons with powers gathers under Sekiryuutei.

>…I want to participate in this tournament no matter what. ――Elmenhilde Galstein

>She tries to hide her true intention, but…

>S-So this is the anti-Ise-kun D-Dulio-san and his team prepared!! ――Kiba Yuuto

>Hyoudou Issei ――cannot escape from it.

>I chose to fight alongside Darling, Asia-san, and Xenovia. That’s why I can even fight against my comrades! ――Shidou Irina

>For that reason they also didn’t hesitate against Irina. A respect to their comrade――.

>…This is just the worst. ――Toujou Koneko

>Wrong, this is the best.

>How about I take a look into your Evil Piece since it has been awhile. ――Maou Ajuka Beelzebub

>Hyoudou Issei who had Dragongodified has had his Evil Pieces reached another――

>I merely need to judge his quality as a [King]. ――Bina Lessthan

>There is something she needs to fulfill.

>New “Brave Saints” descends front of Hyoudou Issei’s team—!!

>Let’s have a good match where both team gives their all. ――Raphael’s A, Deethelm Waldseemüller

>Even if they may be a fellow comrade of the anti-terrorist team they will become a rival Ise needs to defeat during the game――。

>Here I come, Xenovia! We will continue off with our battle which we couldn’t settle during our time as a warrior! ――Uriel’s A, Nero ウリエルのA、Nero Raimondi

>Hot-blooded boy priest challenges Xenovia.

>Fuuka 145 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Tama-chan will win right?
Fuuka will win

Tama a shit
Fuck you that blue-haired dyke is retarded and can't be compared with a beautiful pure girl like Tama-chan. But yes she probably will win since the show has her fucking name on it, but i'm seriously rooting for a switcheroo

Megumi BTFO. Eriri end confirmed.

V12 plot outline

>After worrying so much over the main scenario, Meguri route, and finding a way to resolve it, I made a promise to go on a birthday with main heroine Katou Megumi, the one who's worked the hardest at blessing software.
>"Sorry, I can't go there right now."
>"You can hear me, right? You understand what I just said, right?"
>I cancelled the date due to a certain event and headed to a hospital room.
>There, I heard the details from someone and made a big decision.
>The result - "As I thought, I can't become your main heroine."
>The difficulty of getting the main heroine rises in one go!
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Why would anyone waste time on reading this garbage?
why do you waste your time on 4chan?
Just read Koisuru Metronome instead.

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