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>tag: 愛のあるセックス
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crazy saotome.gif
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>artist: ぶぶっか
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>tags: 事後 朝チュン ゆうべはおたのしみでしたね

I find myself preferring these to outright porn
This plus

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best imouto of all anime, i don't even like SAO but sugu is a fucking bonermancer
Why is she so similiar to Ai-chan?
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himura kiseki.png
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because it's a winning combination

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Well are you anon?
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I don't know.
N-No, not right now.

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Why is Suiryu so based?
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>It's a Whoryu thread
How do you feel that your Beyblade will never be relevant again after Goukestu ends him
Why do you hate him? Is it because he's not a boring loser who only knows how to punch things like Saitama and Garou?

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Father, I have sinned.
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She's a dragon loli, so shes probably a couple hundred years old desu
All of God's creations were put upon the earth for Man to enjoy.

Seeing as she's not human, there's no problem!
I want to tenderly rape her

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So, today I posted this >>153994269
and I wanted to check the VIZ scans for the high quality to search for other hints that the two books are indeed the Bible and Peter Pan.
I'm sorry if someone else noticed this before, but I must have missed it.

So, I looked at the little details in previous chapters and I've found a couple interesting things that can be noticed if you look closely.
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First, in this panels Ray is holding a book with a picture on its cover; it could be a flying ship, but the picture is too blurry and small. If this was a flying ship, it could be (maybe) the back-cover of the book on the bottom right corner in chapter 14 if I recall correctly, which portraited a very clear flying ship with the word NEVER on it (reference to Neverland?). Anyway this isn't really significant other than Ray has already that book at hand.
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TPN - c014 (3).jpg
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Pic related is the flying ship mentioned in the previous post
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Then after this scene, Emma is searching for another book, and Ray tells her it's under the pile of books with the Minerva Ex-Libris. Both of them are talking about ONE single book ,not two, like the ones they're looking at after this. So, unless the translation is wrong, or there is ambiguity in japanese ( I actually recall that sometimes singular and plural can't be differentiated but I don't speak japanese so I don't know, if someone can confirm it would be much appreciated), they already have one of them, and I think it's the one Ray is holding, and from the looks of the cover, it would probably be the adventure one, not the mythological one.

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This is your waifu
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No, this is mine.
Is this legal?
But I dont even like Chihaya.

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>be you
>see this

Wat do?
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Get held and dance until it's Sunday

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Chapter 14
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What manga are you translating/cleaning & redrawing/translating/ripping?
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Fucked up OP, damn. Oh well

Anyway, I'm trying to make sense out of the first two bubbles, but I just can't. Can anyone explain to me how it connects and what it means?
I can edit Made in Abyss, but I need a translator. If anybody's interested, let me know.
This could all be over right now if you simply hand over the Croce di Pietro.
Do you really want me to break your bones so badly that you end up like a mollusk (ie invertebrate)? (the raw is written in passive voice, of course)

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I'm so glad she isn't a loli because I'm not a lolicon but I find her sexy.
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She doesn't wear panties
Spaghetti spaghetti
the dragon loli is very ecchi
I want fuck this dragon.

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This is the fucking dopiest looking MC I've ever seen.

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How does /a/ feel about sound webms?

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Well this is rather strange, why do the majority of those who've voted not want audio webms? i don't see any downsides.
/wsg/ anime threads aren't very good.
That's because they're not /a/utists, they're from /wsg/.

/a/ could produce much better webms than /wsg/.

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haikyuu vs kuroko.jpg
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Now that the dust has settled, what was the better series?
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Haikyuu, but I'm biased because basketball bores the shit out of me and I have no vested interest in it or anyone that plays it.
I actually loved both equally
the super powers in kuroko were fucking ridiculous, season 2 was bad, season 3 unwatchable.

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Do you like sluts in anime?
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Yes, and I also hate it when writers pull the rug and reveal them to be clueless virgins deep down.
To fap? Hell yeah.
To waifu? Hell naw.

Unless it turns out like this.
Pic not related.

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