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2 day before translation version out
i just cant wait because it my fav ishigami chapter.

just asking is it ok to post raw here i am new to this board.

got it form https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5000411666?red_tag=2315992129
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Before anyone asks, no jag isn't going to translate it.
But jag is a cool guy.
He is, but he hasn't really been interested in providing a TL for pre-release raws lately, he'd rather just do it thursday.

Tsunade is strongest. She beat Madara all by herself
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Go back to English 101 before making a thread on /a/.
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tfw hardly any muscular female anime protags
Do you even Keijo man.

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This bitch ruined Tri, I hope she gets rape by a pack of niggers.
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This. Megane a fucking shit.
Worst fucking character, can't she stop crying and apologizing?

Tri ruined Tri. It was never going to be good because it was just a bunch of 30 some Gee Oners trying to relive their own Saturday mornings of a show that wasn't very good to start with but your lives are so bereft of any real meaning that the only thing getting you through the day is blind nostalgia from when you where 10.

Post average looking character that you can associate with without feeling inferior
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I can assure you, you are inferior to Joe in every way including looks
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Post and label a picture of the kinkiest anime scenes you seen. Mine is Erza from Fairytail
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Fuck this faggot ass OP, this is now a Yotsuba thread.

Why do people hate eldlive anime so much?

I find it quite decent , the interaction between MC and his supposed love interest are quite amusing?

Is it like a berserk/kingdom situation where the anime doesn't do justice to the source material ?
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>Why do people hate eldlive anime so much?
They don't, they just don't care, haven't watched more than 3 episodes because it clearly looks like shit.
But yeah, it's pretty decent.
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>Is it like a berserk/kingdom situation where the anime doesn't do justice to the source material ?
Yes, read the manga
I don't know... it follows the manga pretty much panel for panel.

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I unironically think that Psycho-Pass is deeper and smarter than NGE
fight me
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>Minority Report: Anime edgy edition
Too bad it looks like crap then.
That's natural since it's newer. The themes Eva tried to communicate are depreciated.

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Subs have been out a day or two. What did the other 2 anons watching this think? What mistake did Kanami make in the painting? Why is Ilia on the island in the first place? Did Ilia orchestrate the murder using the maids to give Aikawa a welcoming gift in the form of a murder mystery?
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I did little research and...
Zaregoto is a story about secret organizations, killers, cannibals and other freaks. Vol.1 has nothing to do with a crazy shit in the next volumes. I can't watch it anymore.
no, it's exact opposite

Illia is on the island because of what happened in Aikawa prequel book
also I don't see episode 4 subs

prepare for the rape
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>he still thinks more rape will happen
>after cucks riled up a shitstorm on chapter 1
Hasn't there been more since?
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Only teeny bits and mostly offscreen.
No more glorious rape with boots on.

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You don't get lucky star .
They are doing something.
Cute things.

It's kind of the draw.

Im not sure what's to get?


That's note cute.

It's over guys, It's all over... ;;
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bad end
Do they really not fug in the ln?
How different it is with anime original ending?

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Why does /a/ love brats so much?
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They're entertaining.
The brats in these series are ok, but the best girls in all 3 are seemingly mature with long dark hair.

This week's dump here: >>154008373

So far we have:
-We Never Learn
-Demon Prince Poro's Diaries
-Hungry Marie

Still to go are:
-Dr. Stone

So what do you guys think? Who will last? Who will fail? Who will get cancelled after just one volume?
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- Tan tomboys are great. I hope she wins.
- U19 was alright this week but I cant see it making it past one or two volumes.
- Poro was terrible this week, turning it into a battle shonen is a horrible idea.
- I think it's too early to tell with Marie.
Already discussed the other 3 to death so I'm just gonna talk about Hungrie Marie, which honestly had a fucking garbage chapter 1. I'm gonna keep reading it, but man that was a disaster. The tone and genre are all over the place, the pacing was really bad, it's just not a good chapter. And anyway, what the fuck is the point of it involving Marie Antoinette's daughter, specifically? It's just some garbage gender-bender shit, which isn't anywhere near a strong enough premise, and that specific historical character doesn't add anything to it, so what the fuck? It's too stupid, I don't think it's even going to last 10 chapters. But then again JP shit taste must be accounted for.
I have high hopes for Marie

Is the NGE manga worth reading?
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I'll let you know once I get around to reading it myself. Perhaps in that time you'll have read it and formed your own opinion on it.
I just finished it yesterday, kind of mixed feeling. The first 1/3 maybe 1/2 were great. Lots of new interactions between characters. Rei actually has a personality she develops, Asuka is somewhat less of a bitch, Shaun acts like a normal boy his age. It has much more involvement of you'd call it that.

But then on the last 1/3 it became strange. I thought EoE adaptation was underwhelming and the last chapter just outright bad and generic.

Overall just read it if you feel like it. It's not bad, you might add something to your understanding of personalities. Hovewer, keep in mind that TV is the original and manga is just Sadamoto's version of it.

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Who would you choose from the anime characters if you were Kazuma?
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my best party
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Make Darkness my cuckqueen.
Darkness, Megumin, and anyone that isn't Aqua.

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