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suiryu btfo.png
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Who is this manly piece of sheer fuck you?
Is he just gonna get wrecked next chapter? He's not in the MA arc from what I remember.
They sure built Suiryu fast just to knock him down. I won't say he's dead because people don't die in this series.
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Suiryu was destined to be a jobber, just like anyone else who isn't Saitama.
I will admit at first I thought he had potential. Like maybe through similar laid back training in his carefree life he somehow broke his limiters like Saitama.
But yeah, no.
You don't get it

Suiryu is just so amused by how weak Gouketsu's attack was that he spilled his coke

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nice tush.jpg
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Why is she surprised when she's dressed literally like a hooker every goddamn episode? Might as well start telling him the prices of different "services" you offer at this point you fucking slut.
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You have problems.
because the writing is garbage
So if a girl who worked hard for her looks walks down the street to work her job at Sears gets physically touched by strangers, is this ok?

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Would you?
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No, I am keeping my hands pure for marriage.
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Would I.jpg
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so, is she the Main heroine of this serie , right?

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imaishi MC.png
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And explain why.
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They all suck
Panty because I'm a fucking cuck

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Have we decided on who KyoAni's best designed character is yet?
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The top two are ugly as fuck.

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Not really.

I am more into onee-sans who smother me with their motherly pheromones and prevent other girls from approaching me by marrying me and putting me in a leg lock every night to forcing me to come inside so they can have my baby.

what did she mean by this?
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>No peeing this episode
Payback time.
Why is she still there? Just to suffer?

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Is there an anime series that is considered a knee slapper? I've never seen an anime that was genuinely funny. It's always one person acting bit out of place and the other person is pointing out the obvious while never finishing their sentence.
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>inb4 nichijou
To be fair it depends on your personal sense of humour. Nip humour is also quite different to western one so not everyone finds it funny.

>>>/wsr/ is that way btw

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nothing happens


anyone with early raws is welcome
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It's out here:
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Why is dick sensei still roaming free?

Japanese jails are too small for him?
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police are prejudiced and care not for crimes committed against filthy demis.
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I want to be the victim of a succubi crime
>Japanese jails are too small for him?
he's a big guy.

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last thread archived. posting last pic in that thread ...
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I want it
When is the next YoI event?
I wonder if Sayo or Kubo would ever watch Black Mirror.

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Cropped hentai thread.
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butt spell.png
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at least provide sources you faggots

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What animu/manga inspired you to do things, /a/?

Hajime no Ippo inspired me to get fit.
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Hajime no Ippo inspired me to grit my teeth and punch harder.
are you activating your muscles and pumping that oxygen too /a/non?
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Pic related inspired me to fight with Soros organizations in my country.

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