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Post series where best girl won
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But she lost in the end.
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nah worst girl lost CAUSE SHE DIED

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What are some habits you've picked up from anime?
>tfw ritualistically cut my hair whenever I fuck up to signify growth
>tfw sometimes say yare yare daze when something doesn't go simply
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I report blog threads sometimes.
I say "rub-a-dub dub thanks for the grub" before I eat. Or "Praise the dark-lord for this meal amen"
Nothing. Not that I've noticed, at least.

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tenten > ino > sakura > hinata
Temari > Hinata > Karin > Tenten >>>>>>>> Ino/Sakura

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>vol15 cover
Looks like Yuzuki's hair is purple, that's what I have in mind too.
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just started reading this as I really liked the anime...

did i forget a bunch of shit or did the anime skip a lot of content?
Skipped the first 20 chapters and a bunch of other stuff. Manga is more detailed. For his insanity, author is relatively good at world building
it skipped a lot, changed some things and added some things too; if it didn't skip stuff, either the anime would adapt the the manga since the beginning (which would give more exposure to Nozomi and Sayaka's personalities and backgrounds, and give the anime a bit of time before superpowers become the norm, but would make the anime spend quite a long time on the school entrance exams before getting to more keijo matches, which could make people lose interest in the anime) and not feature the East/West war arc, or adapt it the way it has been adapted, or have more episodes so that the anime could adapt from the beginning to the East/West war arc.

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>plot before OP and after ED
This is by far the worst thing that some anime do and you cant disagree.
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I disagree.
I agree.
I'm indifferent to it.

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>spends $3 million on a newspaper ad

Will this be the greatest animated series of all time?

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I don't know with their game monthly income, but if they gain as much money as FGO, they should able to create a good anime.
FGO is like third on the list of most played mobile games

Granblue is fucking first

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So I started to rewatch Overlord today and I noticed this:

Ep4 the head warrior is wielding Guts's sword from his time with Band of the Hawk.
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It's not bait you twat.
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The creator of Overlord probably had it in there as homage to Berserk

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>Syaro's face when thinking about ME
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Sharo bears all of humanity's sins on her back
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Recollective Tsumugi.gif
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No one will ever think about you
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Sharo-chan MARRY me!

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What's the minimum amount of money you would accept to take a clean liver punch from Ippo?
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I'd take any body punch for 500 dollars.
Depends on if he's properly oxygenating and activated his muscles
1 trillion dollers.

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How many more years does it have left?
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I don't know I'll go ask.
8-11 probably

i genuinely love the series but it went downhill for me and lost interest constant fighting, to many characters getting introduced, am i the only one feel this way?
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story is fine now, and is more coherent than it once was. also all characters are being used, which is better than say authors like Kubo.

also tumblr, use better sources OP
It's actually impossible to track the characters because they all look the same
OP here
i'm not saying story is bad it's just lost some of its charm in part 1 and first half of re

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this is a drill thread
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A drill you say?

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Marry, fuck, kill, befriend, banish from existence, steal the bike of.
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All of the above for Rin.
Marry hane, Fuck Rin, kill the afro, befriend rich bitch, erase the loli, and of course, Raimu for the last.
Onsa, before marriage.
>banish from existence
>steal the bike of

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Why didn't you save her?
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Women are blind when they love someone.
Trying to save her would only result in her going "you don't understand" and getting her life wrecked anyway.
She would have been happiest with her dad
I tried, she told me she couldnt live happy with me, I havent held her in 10 years, I still talk to her on wechat sometimes, but i just know she just calls me so she wont kill herself after sucking off another dirty cock.

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lostrage ep 5.png
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I don't know how to feel about this Chii-chan. Also Lostorage thread.
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>Not wanting to do it with Chii-chan
What's wrong with you?
There is something about the side asymmetrical hair that is attractive.

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