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Future Zeno.
Bulma's time machine

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So what's the catch? What is Oshimi going to throw at us?

What do you think is going to happen in this manga?
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He's not their biological son. The mother is attracted to him and incest will ensue.
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Nah, what's the point if they aren't related? Not enough impact. I don't think he's gonna go for that.
This manga has such an eerie/uncomfortable feeling to it, I feel some sort of anxiety from just reading the two chapters.

Speaking of Oshimi, I've had Aku no hana in my backlog for a while now, is it worth it or naw?

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What is /a/'s opnion on the AOTS
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Is it actually good?
It is.
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From older seasons.

The following is a complete spoiler of sayonara zetsubou sensei, and I really don`t recommend reading it if you haven't read the manga.
Also general szs thread i guess.
regarding the ending, there is something i still don`t understand. kafuka manifests in all the girls at different times, yes. but what was the deal with the posthumous graduation? after all, only kafuka died, yet theres some signs the girls are treated as if they died too: for instance, meru`s dad saying thank you to her, as if she only impersonated his daughter, while the rest of the manga implies that the funerals were just for different parts of akagi an?
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Chiri is best zetsubou
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obviously, you mean matoi.
Hell no

ITT we post the most iconic scenes of all time that will be remembered decades later.
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But I don't really like Dragon Ball Z that much
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Why are lolis attracted to each other?

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*Blocks your path*
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The most logical response is rape.
>Side steps out of the way, walks behind her.
Sorry nothing personal.I must be on my way.
*sticks it in*

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Miki message : 3期もうちょっと待ってろ

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I want to believe.
Stop making a million threads for this shit, barely fucking anyone here cares.
One day our suffering will be rewarded.

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>highest person in charge is a woman
>she's a loli
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Do Japs want to be dominated by lolis or something?
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Who in their right mind doesn't?
I love it when this happens.

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>come home exhausted from work
>want to have relaxing bath
>see this

how do you react?
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Tell her to fuck off
Use said bath
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Turn 720 and moonwalk away to ask my wife Aqua for a logical explanation as to why we have an unknown person in my bath.
Join her

I dont understand, why didnt best girl win?
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You posted worst girl though?
Because in anime the best girl never wins
Even if I was a normalfag, I would think she was an overdramatic bitch.

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I don't even know what the manga is, but the cute character designs make me go yas.
Wait, what. I guess three volumes is enough for a cour.

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White Album NTR.webm
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Why was White Album so good?
Why cant we have more of that?
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>Why cant we have more of that?
If you mean more sequels under the WA name, some say it's tough to top WA2.

If you mean more seasons for WA2, I think sales were average, and Closing Chapter could be tricky to adapt. (More side girls, no Kazusa till Coda, Koharu's VA is MIA.) I still want it really bad though.

If you mean more good romance anime, well...
Just read the VN and see setsuna suffer a whole lot more in closing chapter and Kazusa being insufferable bitch towards the end of any route in coda.
is it translated?

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If only Kircheis was here
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I'd really like to see how the story would play out if Kircheis hadn't died
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Basically the same but with no reunthal rebellion and kircheis becomes the emperor after reinhard dies

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Azusa is asking your opinion about her
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My wife Azusa is very cute.
My wife Azusa is very cute.
My wife Azusa is very cute.

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This week's Super seems a lot different from normal. Subs when?
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what did he mean by this?
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