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Nurse Hitomi thread

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Time for a thread about Nurse Hitomi, and other cyclopes.

Also, there might be some Nurse Hitomi storytime, as well as Mako-chan.Monster Musume/monmusu discussion is welcome, but this thread is mostly about Nursr Hitomi and cyclopes
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OP is not during a storytime? Fine, I'll do it. With the first chapter.
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Haven't had a chance to post my waifu since /ss/, I'll gladly take this opportunity to do so

Also haven't heard of Nurse Hitomi before, I'll check it out OP
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Oh hey, a fellow reader of Hitomebore! Its a great visual novel

Pssst, check this thread out >>>/c/2837015

I try to main a constant cyclops thread there, and Sachi pics are great. Also, a Sachi request this coming weekend at the Weekend Waifu Drawthread would be a great idea.
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Of all the series we had to drop, I regret Hitomi and Immortal Hounds the most.
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TF? Or Hound? Or someone else from FwPA? I'm still hoping someone can pick up the series again. I can't go beyond volume 1 in home country for Seven Seas releases, and FwPA stopped at Chap. 26
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We just don't have the staff for it. TF was a workhorse in regards to a lot of these series, picking up the slack. Don't have a redrawer for a chapter? TF does it. Proofer is sick? TF does it. Typesetter too busy? TF does it. Losing her was like losing an entire team.

We just don't have the staff to pick up anything new anymore. Rauk doesn't have time to proof, Hound is busy working, Arth only has time for Jitsu and even then sometimes not even that, Ashido is also retired... you see the problem.

If someone wants us to pick it up, they pretty much have to come to us with an entire team already, and at that point, it's easier to just make a new group. It sucks, but there's nothing we can do about it.
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I'm sorry to hear man, and it really does suck. Nurse Hitomi is a series I really care about. Hell, I'd learn Japanese and other stuff for it but, problem is - I got real life in the way. As well as other projects I'm also pursuing. It just kind of sucks that oen of my favourite mangas has no new group to pick it up.

I guess I'll keep this thread going. I doubt I can make it a monthly thing. But hopefully, it might gather enough interest for someone to pick it up. Maybe. We'll see.
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I know that you said that you can't go beyond volume 1, but really, of all the things to happen, getting licensed is far from the worst. It means that even though it's not freely available anymore, at least SOMEONE is translating it. That's more than you can say for a lot of good series that have fallen by the wayside.

Also let me take this time to once again pimp TF's guides to scanlation.


She was a hell of a scanlator, and the fact that she took the time to document her knowledge should not be overlooked. Anyone who wants to scanlate should study these guides. They are super useful.
Cute eye
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That is very true.... I guess I just wish someone will upload Chapters 25 onwards on some manga hosting site, the way Haruhi had that same opportunity. I mean hell, they introduced Hitomi's brother, whose revealed to be another cyclops.

Yeah, it could be worse. I 'll do another Manga that got fallen by the wayside as you mentioned: Mako-san to Hachisuka-kun
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Here's hoping TTF sees this.

Well, if he checked the catalog
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I can try to summon him. Not sure what you want from him though.
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Goona take a break. I'll do a Mako-san storytime before I retire.

This is gonne be a short thread, but, hopefully, I'll do a longer cyclops storytime on Saturday or so.
That would be cool.

I wanted to ask what it would take to interact with a person on Twitter, or if he could take a message from me to one of the artists on twitter. Namely Shake-O. I could try TF, but I'm pretty sure she's busy.
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Gonna take a short time to mention that we have a cyclops thread on /c/, which can also be used for more permanent discussion >>>/c/2837015

For any Monmusu fans out there, we also have a monster musume thread on /c/. >>>/c/2837224 /c/ threads are mostly for posting images, but a good discussion can go with image posting. Please considering heading there and checking /c/ if there's no thread on /a/
>tfw no qt hungry gf to vore your constantly regenerating body
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One of the best parts of the manga for me.
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Why does MonMusu have a page entirely separate from the rest of PA's site? Is MM something y'all feel need to be distanced from for some reason?
Maybe its just insanely popular?
Last chapter I see is 26, what happened? Did it get dropped?
Maybe, just seemed odd to me that its not under the 'Projects/Releases' tab. I assume doing that was more work, which wouldn't be done without reason.
I'm out of the loop. What happened to TF?
It's got it's own tab prominently featured on top of the website. Why do you think they're trying to sweep it under the rug?

Because at the time, MM was a threat to FwPA as a whole. The site got taken down because of it. We quarantined MM off so as not to take down everything should it happen again.


She got a job and retired from scanlation.
See >>154582533

tl;dr - Life happened. She moved on to do bigger more official things, things that prevent her from doing fan translations like this one.
>MM was a threat to FwPA as a whole
Wait, what?
Oh shit! That's no good, smart move then.
Aw dang that sucks, but cool it turned into a paying thing.

Also I'd like to point out that the site is very much out of date. TF ran that shit and I have yet to investigate how to change everything. Mostly I can't be assed because we only scanlate three things now so why bother?


MM was insanely popular and a lightning rod for controversy and legal action.
Jesus. Sorry to hear.
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Gonna post some Mako san to Hachisuka kun

Now this is another manga that had some translation but, both the translation, and typesetter, are kinda missing. I hope I can meet both of them again, some bright, sunny day.
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I 'might' be willing to take this on as a typesetter once Jitsu is done. Depends on how burned out I am.
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Sounds awesome! I hope there'll be a translator too.
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made a mistake
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And thats all that was translated so far.

Here's hoping that, eventually, someone resumes translation of this series and/or it gets a license
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Thats it for now.

If the thread is still around when I get back, I'll do a storytime of >>154585196 & >>154585002 , since I love the copuled involved.

However, and if the thread dies before I come back. we have a cyclops thread on /c/, which can also be used for more permanent discussion >>>/c/2837015

Regarding monmusu, main monmusu discussion has moved to /c/. Current thread is >>>/c/2837224 /c/ threads are mostly for posting images, but a good discussion can go with image posting. Please considering heading there and checking /c/ if there's no thread on /a/

Lastly, if you want to discuss monmusu to keep this thread going, feel free, but try to mention Manako as much as possible.
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