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More like "The Cow"!
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reminder she had average breasts when the manga started
>a 15 year old girl is still growing
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Not really. Right from the when she shows up in ch 4 other characters talk about her big breasts, and by ch 8, they are a plot point allowing her to escape a trap set by the club.

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>main girl falls in love with the mc's dad
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when has that happen
Intelligent Sataniaposter
Usagi Drop?

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What would happen if Ranma got pregnant?
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Nabiki would get castrated.
Nabiki is female.
Now she is.

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What 5 /a/ related things would you pick to delete form your memory so that you are able to re experience them again completely blind?

Fate, Eva, Tsukihime, NHK, and Code Geass for me.
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What's the idea behind that pic?
I have intentionally kept away from all spoilers of Martial Hearts so I can go in knowing nothing.
I wouldn't ever want to forget most of those memories. Maybe Cowboy Bebop because I didn't really appreciate it the first time over.

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do we like tan lines?
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What kind of sick bastard prefers a two toned waifu? Either you go full brown or none at all. Get that zebra shit out of here.
As long as they're not on genki-shorthaired girls with short-hair that kicks.

The best archetype with tanlines are the ones with long hair and that are kind. Tomboy-tanlines are boring af.
Those are not tanlines.
Those are Frankenstein lines.

There is a difference.

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human life.jpg
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Legend of Galactic Heroes thread
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I need Oberstein's robot eyes to read your image.

Since you have nothing worthwhile to discuss, I can't wait to see this thread die before reaching 20 posts.
too bad most of LOGH's wisdom is so reductionist
You're just blind

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Can we all agree this is the greatest long lasting anime franchise of all time? Even after 45 years it still manages to still be fresh and innovative.
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Isn't it more about the universal appeal of breaking the law,using guns recklessly,fast cars and chicks?
op is right, im on episode 19 of the 2015 version right now, holy shit gotta love da vinci coming back to life
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it's a great series. My favorite episode is haunted house. They've never made a bad series.

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IS it happening?
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Its death? It's about time.
Love Live will not die so long as the Idol Boom is still strong.
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>he doesn't know

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Just saw Ghost In The Shell best movie in the past decade 11/11
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Saw it too, and it's one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen.
Same, got out about 2 hours ago,definitely one of the best movies this year probably. Really awe inspiring and well done, Scarjo got my cock hard throughout some scenes as well.
I'm not going to fucking lie. It's still pretty early in the year, but I'd say this is the most beautiful crafted and well-shot movie I've seen all year. I came multiple times throughout the movie from just pure cinematic eye-candy alone. Action scenes were great and had a good mixture of props and sets mixed with CGI, the soundtrack SOMEHOW outdid the original 1995 anime (praise be to Clint Mansell) and Scar Jo was fairly competent as Motoko Kusanagi. The story isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and the script was pretty solid, despite it being 'dumbed down' for wider audiences.
The upshot is that this movie will generate interest for the 1995 anime and the TV series as well as the live-action one itself.

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Finished Stardust Crusaders recently, why the fuck is every single episode about this nigga?
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>mfw Polnareff's Bizarre Adventure
Because Jotaro has no real personality.
Best boy.

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Are we there yet?
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Ask your father dear
Why am I in a car with you?
And why are we meeting so often?
But you're her father.

When are you going to rewatch K-On?
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when that one stream comes back
never even watched it once
ritsu is going to die from that position

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im not even done watching dagashi, but how is hotaru so goddamn mesmerizing?
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she's drawn that way.
All she has going for her is plot
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>watching that shitshow for Slutty McCowtits

at least watch it for best grill

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slowpoke reporting in.

Is that what I think it is---
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You've come a long way, pants shitter.
His finger got chopped off wtf

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>CGI in anime sucks because it's rendered at 12fps!
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I don't see what fps has to do with this. The rendering just sucks.
this must be the
>I have never animated anything in 3D in my life
the animation

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