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>Understands that the strong deserves a harem

Best girl right here.
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What's wrong with her eyes? They look ugly.
There's no real competition to be honest, but Karla is indeed the best.

The artist seems to have problems deciding how much muscle he wants to draw her with though.
Centuries of selective breeding happend.

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will this idiot ever learn? literally the dumbest MC ever.
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>will this idiot ever learn
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Could he beat this guy in a card game?
literally me
plz help, I have brain problems (gambling).

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Why would some Pinoy have a mexican name?
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you don't know what Philippines are, right?
Most Flips have Spanish surnames.

Can confirm, my surname is Spanish.
According to koreans they're the niggers of the south pacific?

Interesting, thank you.

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Is she the biggest asspull in anime history?
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In recent times? Prolly Naruto choosing Hinata or Ichigo choosing Orihime
the alluka thing is like 6 years old. not recent at all
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>2011 was 20 years ago

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The downfall of Shinobu.
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They need to give Chihaya all the advantages she can have against Shinobu story-wise just to level the playing field, which is pretty sad.

Shinobu doesn't deserve this shit.
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more like she got NTR'd by the cards, because they can't resist the dick

cards are sluts
Is it her subconscious rebelling against selling out karuta?

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There will never be something as fun in an inanely ballsy way as a once-in-a-lifetime series like Samurai Flamenco.
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Yowamushi pedal, probably. Or One Piece.

Or despite not being a personal favorite, Code Geass with /a/ when it aired.
I want to experience the melancholy again.

So did Ikari not join the tang with everyone else? We see him get decapitated by the Eva but I can't tell if it actually happened or if it's just a metaphor. Not to mention he's almost entirely absent from the instromentality aside from the congratulations scene, but that would go against his wish to be with Yui and I feel like that's a pretty underwhelming fate for him
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Wasn't there a scene with him lying on the floor surrounded by Reis?
He is lying on the floor with Yui standing over him. Then it cuts to Unit 01 in OPs pic
I don't see why he wouldn't go in. All of the dead people at NERV go in.

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Ponytail is best hairstyle. Discuss.
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What is there to discuss? It's true and Kyonko is a miracle of the universe.
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Futo sweater.jpg
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It's true!
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So Kyon, when's S3 of Haruhi gonna show?

Kyon x Kyonko OTP

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>Literally Nrvnqsr
Would Nero have been better off never becoming Emperor of Rome and just starting a career as a gladiator or an actor instead?
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NRVQSR is short for Neron Caesar.

They're playing with the other side of the Moon.

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Post anime character. Describe what psychological condition they're most likely suffering from.

Pic related

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epic thread retard
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Vigne and Gab are probably in a co-dependent relationship.

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>I will be watching this in a cinema in a week

Based MadMan
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I nearly forgot it's coming to Australia. A shame we didn't get Kizu but I suppose Yamada kino is fine too.
Did he end up with shouko?
Meanwhile, Americans will still have to wait an extra day until they can see Kimi No

For ONCE Aus is actually ahead in something media related

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Why do boys magically turned into girls make the best girls?
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For the same reason traps may appeal to you: as boys, they know what boys want.
>this will never happen to you

Goddamnit for the last time RED IS FLAT, STOP DRAWING HER WITH TITS

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Bloody Waifu.jpg
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Why is nobody talking about this? I thought /a/ like E7!
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Fucking typo

Yeah, we just don't like shitty franchise rehashes.
They better have learned from the hot mess that was Ao.

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How do you feel about this
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I keep forgetting it even still exists.
I completely lost interest in it after he hired someone to do Mai's voice
Yeah he didn't upload any episodes for like 6 months straight I just found out he started making episodes again, but still slowly

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