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Name one (1) good thing about Lalatina

Hard mode: Something to do with her character and not her body
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she's always willing to sacrifice herself to protect her allies
She rich and will enjoy when I waste away her fortune on wine and cigars while neglecting her.
She's easy

Never thought I'd miss this as much as I do. It was a good ride.
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I watched the anime long back ago.

The manga seems way different. Where are the blond guy and his girlfriend?
Can't even remember the actual ending, just that Sue won.
Read this recently and boy does it start to drag in the later half of the second generation. The way they handled the romance of mada was a bit too forced. I liked it more in the first arc.

This is the second generation. Blond guy and his girlfriend already left college when this starts.

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Post anime that were AOTY
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But that wasn't the best anime that year.
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>Nice bait
2016: rakugo
2015: kekkai sensen
2014: ping pong
2012: chuu2

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Why is this ship so popular?
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they're both dumb and cute
In my country we call it "Mas me pegas mas te quiero".

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Childhood of a bitch
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basically the only thing they are good for
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Fuck off sunshits.

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His works includes:
- Dead Tube
- Tomodachi Game
- Gun x Clover

None of them are masterpieces but they are super addicting.
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Coincedentally they're also all terrible
> Yamaguchi Mikoto needs to have their own genre: FUN
No, his genre is far from unique, it's called "edgy trash."
It already exists, it's called shit.

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I want to feed Griffith sama my sweets!
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Rickert was expecting an explanation. He knew that a "yeah sorry" could have been a bit too much to ask, but at the very least he wanted an explanation and a slight sense of regret from griffisu and when he saw the utter disrespect that griffith had for the ones he had sacrificated rickert didn't hesitate to bitchslap him hard.

Also it served pretty well to utterly destroy the sense of invincibility and untouchability that griffith and everyone (included the readers) though he had
Is Rikert going to join Guts new crew?
I want to kiss Guts and show him all my love.

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Get off /a/ and go watch anime!
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There's none to watch.
I'm waiting for it to finish downloading.
But what im watching is kinda boring

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>tfw your favourite character gets written out of the show

Literally why even live, /a/?
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>tfwhen the dry cunt and her mary-sue tama get replaced with a much cuter pair
I'm quite excited.
Who is this
Stop abandoning your threads, Nozomifag. Please respond to my bait.

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So I've seen people argue that Nen is the best magic system ever because it's super developed and makes sense. But I've thought about it and no, it makes no sense at all.

Let's think about it logically and assume that all living beings have the potential for nen, as stated in the show. It was also stated that your nen pores are normally closed and you can only awaken them through extraordinary means. So what happens if you open then? You essentially become superman, going further beyond you limits in strength, speed, endurance, and anything imaginable. Okay, if the benefits are so enormous, there must also be an enormous consequence to warrant them to be closed by default, right? Nope. THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES. Having you nen unlocked has literally no downsides. This brings us to a paradox, as this completely contradicts evolutionary biology. If nen was truly so powerful and awesome, then humans would face selective pressure to be born with nen unlocked. In fact, all life would be using nen by default, as the benefits are that huge. Animals that can't use nen simply cannot compete. And yet, for some reason, this does not happen. We are supposed to believe humans evolved this super-complex and ultra-beneficial ability that lies dormant 99.9% of the time, which has every motivation to be the exact opposite. It makes no fucking sense.

How do you explain this, hxh-fags?
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1) it's a fictional power
2) you literally die if you open it without knowing how to stop the leak
You are thinking too hard about HxH. It's just a throwaway fighting series. Don't be fooled by the fanbase.

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How would you approach this girl?
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Summon her face down and just ram her from behind.
from behind
in a dark alley
seems like we all know thats how she likes it

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That episode is a prime example of why eva is overrated. It's an 8 at best.
>password not being swordfish
Hey Jet Alone, what's your special ability?


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Miura, Nihei, which legend will turn into shit next?
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First good Berserk chapter in literally years
This is great anon, I don't understand.
Op confirmed retard. Kys that chapter was good.

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Is flip flappers popular in Japan?
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It seems it's the same as here, a small but vocal fanbase.

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