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Memeing aside, was this the best season in a long time? ACCA, Maid Dragon, Konoreddit, Youjo Senki, Little Witch Academia, Onihei, Rakugou. When was the last time we had a line-up this strong in a single season?

We even had decent mid-tier shows like Gabriel Dropout, Demi-chan, Fuuka, Tales of Zestria, Urara Meirochou, Chain Chronicle etc.

Shitposters stay in the sales or kemono threads pls.
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It was garbage. Just like your taste.
Definitely the best Winter in a long time.
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>Shitposters stay in the sales or kemono threads pls

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Who is the best bro in anime and why is it Azusa?
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grand blue

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How would guts look like when he turned into a apostle? How strong would he be?
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Spoiler alert. He would look like Zodd.
he would look like skull knight
wolf/dog based

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Anyone else excited about Sakura Quest?

I think it looks pretty cute. And I grew up in a small declining city in the Midwest so I feel it's relatable.
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Poor man's Shirobako.

>Director: I'm already busy with my next projects

PA Works: Fuck, we need to keep mining that audience

No, I'm not being cynical. Wouldn't be surprised if the conversation wasn't that far off the mark
I know the main character looks similar to Aoi, but the show doesn't seem to resemble Shirobako at all. It looks closer to HanaIro if anything.

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I'm a fan of the RE:Monster, and was wondering if it might get the Anime treatment. It's Manga got licensed so it it's at least potentially profitable enough to translate and bring to the west.

SO... My question is whether or not you think it's likely to get the anime treatment, and if that is something to be considered desirable.

I've seen more than a few people on forums worry about it getting neutered due all the 'questionable content'. Honestly, considering Berserk is a thing, probably won't be an issue due to how often it comes up.

Either way I'm for it.
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Nah, its a shit blog about eating with extra gary stu power ups.
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It's just a matter of time until the anime is announced, probably airs next year.
Everyone makes a big deal about the rape but it's all offscreen anyways so no problem there.
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Monster Bump

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What are some assumptions you've made or seen recently about anime/manga?
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I assume everything currently airing is shitty until proven otherwise. Guilty until proven innocent I guess.
I assumed OP was a faggot, still haven't been ptoven otherwise
I always assume the VA won't die in the middle of production.

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Post bitches and flags
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it's a reflection of hyper ironic self-aware meta humor resulting from the ennui-filled zeitgeist of the past year and a half or so that stretches into inifinity.
Alt-right weebs are attention whores.

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When are they going to fuck?
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After they agree between them to keep 8man as their beloved friend only, since they both can't have him they will have eachother.
I'm surprised at the lack of Yuri doujins with these two
Or even ffm threesomes where they kiss
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After best girl finishes seducing her senpai

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Post characters people only like for their design.
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You're very wrong.

Is there a name for this scarf thing that god are frequently depicted with? And does it have any meaning beyond looking pretty?
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>Is there a name for this scarf thing that god are frequently depicted with? And does it have any meaning beyond looking pretty?
It is the Asian depiction of a magical cloth that allows magical creatures to fly. Basically the equivalent of angel wings, except removable as a piece of clothing.

There are certainly stories involving magical beings getting stuck on Earth because they lost their cloth and couldn't fly back up to the heavens.
By the way I have issues finding English sources for it. I have a Chinese site link. I am sure Japan has a more specific name.


How tall is Aki nee?

She seems to be the tallest character in the whole series
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Like 6'6''.
She is japanese so 5'6 at most
Maybe if your screencap was bigger we could use the wall tiles or something as points of reference and make an estimate.

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>subs on time now
Oh fuck.
What's his disability?

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>you walk into your bedroom and see the 400 pound dragonslayer leaning against your wall. What do you do?
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Chop off OP's head.

Try to move this stupid useless lump of steel the fuck away, cut myself all over it, bleed out and then die like a retard.
cum on it desu

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All anime past 2010 are garbage, this is an objective truth. But what are the plenty of shows do you think deserves a place in the halls of anime history?
Here are my picks:
>Uchouten Kazoku
>Mawaru Penguindrum
>Space Dandy
>Ping Pong the Animation
>Yamato 2199
>Mob Psycho 100
>One Punch Man
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>Mob Psycho 100
Not sure if bait or serious.
Look at his contradictory statements and you'll get the answer.
You have a point, he must be retarded.

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Lovely small parts characters

Come on, it's sure you have obscure waifus with little screen time.
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How this girl got the job?
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