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So every girl get a Rito? Oprah ending confirmed?
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To Love Ru Darkness Vol.18 Cover

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Don't pull my leg OP
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I saw this post on 8+10-10 channel OP.
Are you accusing OP of browsing the same communities that you are browsing?

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These children did nothing wrong
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>they actually revived the love interest
i did not expect that
inb4 love interest is actually an ultra super god tier martial artist but is super kind and unwilling to fight unless there's a super important reason.
He only killed the parents, didn't he?

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Dumping ch61
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>Started Danmachi for Hestia
>Stayed for Lili
Why is Hestia a disappointment and why is Lili so much better?
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Lili is rape bait
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Hestia's just Index with oppai-loli treatment.

Lili on the other hand is perfect sized, fit, DFC, doggy-mimi, cute, and probably goes into heat once in a while.
>Hestia's just Index with oppai-loli treatment.
This is actually a very accurate description.

What's the appeal with this?

Why do people unironically like this boring samurai shit?
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You can't spell samurai without Sam, which is the cliche name for the good guy.
We watch it because we are proud Americans.
It's a Shoujo pretending to be Shonen.
The ovas are better.

Mayber better is not the word... The ovas are, at least, decent. Unlike the manga.

source material better than the anime adaption
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Almost the 99%
Basically all of them. Exceptions are rare.

>29 years old
>Still in middle school

Entrance exams have gone too far
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Yukina a cute
Frankly Himeragi is a nicer surname
The new OVAs were pretty fucking lewd.

Subs when?
>tfw 21 and still in senior year of high school

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Why is Prunus Girl so good?
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because not only do we want to fuck him,
he wants to fuck too.
I think it's one of the only trap manga I've read where the ending has the protag unambiguously getting together with the trap and becoming a couple.
it's one of the few good trap manga

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How do you even respond to this?
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Admit that she's right about everything
Then rape
She's already describing how.
Ask her why she talks in different colors.

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Yami being Yami chapter. That's good
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I don't know why but I get the feeling that people really hate this manga.
Nobody care
This manga remind them that they are poor bitter old losers that very few will ever cater to.

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What do I win?

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I love this monkey
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I love her voice.
The existence of real life lesbians tarnishes Monkeys image.
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Monkey is not for those disgusting rug munching dykes

Monkey deserves the best girl

The upcoming live-action film finally made me rewatch Ghost in the Shell. And in hindsight, the anime is far worse than I remembered it from over a decade ago. Now, let's ignore the quality of the art and soundtrack, as there is little to debate and it still holds up, save for the shitty CGI that is a product of its time.

As usual, it's the writing where things go south. The political subplot introduced in the beginning doesn't matter for last hour of the film. The workings of the society are underexplored, even though we follow a police force that often operates more like terrorists than actual police. There is very little room for character development, with Batou getting the most. The supposedly philosophical bits are the same kind of transhumanist drivel we've seen before in countless sci-fi and mostly lack real-world relevance. The plot is chock-full with convenience, mostly in favor of Major, which saps the suspense from the chase and action scenes. (there's also lots of convenience in scenes showing bare tits, but that's a plus)

All in all, GitS feels vastly inferior to Oshii/Itō's own Patlabor. And when it comes to cyberpunk anime, it is outdone by Psycho-Pass.
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>outdone by Psycho-Pass
Nice bait but this last sentence destroyed everything you had built.
2/10 for the effort
It's gonna be like this soon.
Predicted this reply, but Psycho-Pass actually poses pretty relevant questions about measuring people through big data and quite literally large neural networks. So yes, it is the better cyberpunk anime.

Not sure whether I'll actually go see the GitS live-action later this afternoon or some other film. Thing is, I still have one cinema ticket free till the end of the month.

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Put the waifu in the bag.
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No, you need to undo the safety before you go and threaten people.
My waifu's already in a body bag though
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talk shit get hit nigga

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