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Char did nothing wrong.
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I agree
What about letting Lalah die?
What about losing to Amuro in the end?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Arigaotu, fishman
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
Is this a Jojo reference?

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The worst part isn't even how horrifically unsympathetic Kirino is or the fanfic-tier writing. It's the background music
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I liked the ska.
So much bait in 2 short sentences, almost impressive.

I'm not baiting. I'm telling the truth.

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ITT we discuss NGE and no waifu bullshit
side note rei is best girl
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>rei best girl
she ain't even human
This Asuka vs. Rei bullshit has ruined any and all Evangelion conversations forever. I showed my friend NGE when he had not seen it previously and even he was overtaken by the best girl memes. I fucking hate this shit so much and I am sincerely convinced that people who unironically have this argument don't even enjoy the show.
Aye, it's literally impossible to find any decent threads without this waifu faggotry ruining it.

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What did the shirt mean?
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He has an extremely long abdomen and little legs. I feel for him.
He ain't no short girl.
Longboy is the Japanese word for banana

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Guys, it's 2017. I think it's about time we phase out all harems and make everything yuri, since it is 2017 after all.
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I'd rather we phase out all yuri and make everything harems though.
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I think its time yurifags die.
Objective time is but a mental construct humans invented to ease their existential pain. Also you're a fucking idiot, yuri is almost as bad as harems.

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The face of autism.

Also bless the translators
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It decent. Kind of shitty there no romance involved between komi and mc.
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Why does this school have spec-ed mixed with normal people
The yandere lesbian pisses me off.

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30 minutes in class and she gives you this look? Wat do?
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Give a smug back and win the smug race.
Probably get arrested. What the fuck am I doing there at 30 years old?
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Put my hand up and tell on her to the teacher.

She should be paying attention.

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berserk 2.webm
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Why is this seen as "bad" animation when if it was 2D no one would have a problem with it?
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It's missing most of the principals of animation. Looks lifeless.
Because 3D isn't 2D.
people are used that drawn 2d looks like it does, when it's obviously 3d and not done right like in this example, it adds to the uncanny valley effect and looks like garbage.

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Well friends?
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Help me out, Friends; who's the twitter artist for this?
>inb4 I check my feed and one of the artists I follow has already retweeted it
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posting all of these

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grinning celibate girl.jpg
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This is Nagi, an unspoiled, celibate shrine maiden whose series is ending in a few months.

Say something nice about her!
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Wait, Kannagi's not fucking over? Jesus Christ.
fuck off slut
I watched the anime but I'm not reading this shit, someone spoil me.

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I like them
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The bangs?
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These, the pockets sure do come in very handy.
I use my chest pockets for a massaging ball and a card game. I can conform, they are handy.

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ITT: loyal friends
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They're as bad as ANDOOOOUUU
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>loyal friends
>the two that meet Kaiji again in Part 3 betray him because they thought he kept a bit of the money he used to save them

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Is it known who storyboarded and animated this scene?
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stop fucking coming to pol reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
also rei is best girl asuka fags
Holy shit, get the fuck out of here.
>choosing girl
You missed the whole point

You will never have a cute loli daughter
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I did.
But then the manga ended.
Even if I did she'd end up growing into a hag. Unless there is a way to prevent her from aging, I don't think I'd want one.

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