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When we look back on the late 10s, what will our equivalent of the late 80s/early 90s dark edgy anime be?
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The edgy anime of the 10s, I assume.
Madoka clones
Are you trying to say anime in the late 80s to early 90s was mostly dark and edgy?
Because it really wasn't.

What is the final verdict on this masterpiece?
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The side characters were annoying.
I am thankful that I was born just in time to witness it
Loli salaryman was the best character though.
Also best soundtrack of the season.

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I got semi-hyped for the movie, so I decided to read the manga. Not gonna lie, I have no fucking clue what is happening. The translation seems stiff, the plot aimless, and the art crowded.

I'm not very familiar with manga, but it seems like such a hit would be a little more...accessible.
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It is pretty difficult to get up to speed with GitS. I would have started with the first movie, SAC then starting the manga.
>I got semi-hyped for the movie
Semi-kill yourself
This, OP you're just a normiefaggot get the fuck out

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As soon as you stop making stupid fucking threads.
Fuck off.
Did shaft remake Haruhi?

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How do you read a 500+ chapter manga without going insane?
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You tell your kids about the manga so your bloodline can read it through generations.
you just fucking read it and dont be a pussy. you can read it much faster than they can make it.
by reading it over the course of several years

When will this """deconstruction""" meme end?
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Stop that.
I can tell you're shit posting but I wish it would, there's very very few actual deconstructions in anime and Madoka isn't one of them
When postmodernism ends
Which is never

lucky star thread?
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fuck off, spanishfag

Starting with a spanish demotivator? I don't think so, amigo. Era un embole la serie.

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Why are traps becoming acceptable and common in anime?
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Because it makes my dick hard.
Because you discovered the internet three years ago.

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end of love live.png
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when will anime be good again?
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SnK season 2 is coming so yeah
It won't be next season, for sure.
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It's Joke.png
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Kumiko and Reina are the best yuri couple
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I wish Japanese would give their characters some ass
What hideous art.
>/u/fags in denial that Kumiko is straight
/u/ BTFO

I don't get it
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it's just a girl in love
there's nothing to get
It's a meme.
If you're a Gainax/Trigger fan, you'll get it

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Is Nichijou Kyoani's blacksheep?
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most overrated piece of shit ever with Cromartie
If by Blacksheep you mean the best thing they've ever made, then yeah sure.
It's well animated and funny, but in exchange 60-75% of the runtime is """comfy""" stock footage filler of people walking, restaurant counters and other such literally nothings.

Nichifags will argue this is a beneficial feature and not something that makes watching the show incredibly dull.

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Monster bros.jpg
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This is so good. Each arc has been been wonderful so far. Fushi slowly getting a character is nice too.

How do you think Gugu will die though? Being set on fire is my guess
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Dunno, probably after looking at Rynn really try to strip the Doggo and have sex with him,
Gugu will try to kill him or her, and lastly kill himself...

of course if the Wine in his belly doesn't kill him

Anon No.155191730 Out
you tried jackass!
>gugu ballsy move gonna get him killed
Such is life in this series.

Is anyone reading this? It's pretty cute so far.
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>read the first two and dropped
Are you me? Though I dont have that kind of strong opinion.

It was okay.
Galko is shit too.
Mate this is much better than "lets talk about periods" the manga.

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I need a answer to what happens with people who are absorbed in this manga/anime. Just saw ep 3 and it really bothers me that no one said anything about the the students who got absorbed or what happened to all the people who in the first city who got absorbed.
Tried to find the answer but I can't seem to find it, please help me with this.
I'm going to post some wallpapers from the anime to please you dear /a/
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