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Name a better anime, I'll wait.
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Kill la Kill
Low quality bait, OP.
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>X was an ordinary high school student, until one day...

Why is this so common in anime?
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High schoolers are probably the biggest consumers of weeb shit.
Because anime about ordinary High School students are common.
Because it's the easiest way for hack writers to start a story that might sell

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>cute, sexy, happy, cheerful, loving, caring, uninterested in money waifu that loves him above everyone else
>obsessed with finding some bitch in a dungeon

Why didn't he realize that the perfect princess was right next to him the entire time?
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average nip mc and thus a gigantic faggot
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>shortsighted anon is shortsighted
>why not just fugg whatever's most available?

She's written to be a waifu. Character depth begins and ends with "loves the MC"
That's the point. To make you get upset about it and feel for her.

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I'm 10 years late also a beta fag
Just finished this, was really disappointed
It went from a 10/10 anime to a 4/10 anime
Once L dies the whole anime dies.
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it went from 9/10 to 4/10
Actually the plot became boring when Light lost his memories.
I agree but the pay off was worth it.

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remember when anime had actually noses and lips
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Thanks Fujoshi.jpg
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Is it time for one of these threads?
I miss noses.
I should rewatch Escaflowne.
haha if everyone will post images as savage as yours, i sure hope so

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ITT: best girls of their respective series
>inb4 pic unrelated
>inb4 i'll start
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>pic perfectly unrelated
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best girl.jpg
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I place my magic card "Elemental Death" which causes 4000 points of direct damage.

That's it, I win.

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I summon Zero, the Flashing Mage Warrior and end my turn.

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I get that killing people isn't cool and ought to be avoided for more humane options but did he have to be so fucking autistic about it?
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>put in a position where 2 of his friends will die if he doesn't pull the trigger
>his body is forcibly held in position to pull the trigger
>the dude he's about to kill is warped psychopath too with incredibly overpowered capabilities
>STILL cries about it
I like Vash but he was being a bit of a faggot there.
Vash is an literal traumatized child, being autistic about his morals is the only thing that keeps him grounded, when in reality he's only doing it for Rem
Why wasn't it explained why Vash was born out of time?

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Anyone else like this? I just finished it, and the movie as well. I had a lot of fun.

Side note: is the second anime worth watching at all? I know it has nothing to do with this series.
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everyone is crazy about the anime, but I felt it was mediocre. divine flames was god tier though, I loved it. crimson moon is the most boring shit I've witnessed, don't touch it. watch real live action garo instead.
The second season is really quite slow, maybe marathoning it might help but I'm not sure.

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Ciao bella!
did you like it?
ciao bella:Hi cutie
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>ends with that
I liked it, but it didn't end like this, the comic is ongoing on COMICO
I know that but I was expecting more episodes.How far the anime compared to the manga? 1/3 or 1/2 or caught up? I'd doubt if the anime caught up but you never know.

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So apparently anzu is going abroad to new york to follow her dreams. Why is it female nips always go abroad when chasing dreams in anime?
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>female nips
Most people would find a more specialized university abroad for whatever they are planning to study. It's not just the Japanese.
Those girls would rather move to another continent than be courted by midgets younger than them.

It just seems like a trend

Kirino was going abroad

Kotori also was planning on leaving

That girl from white album 2

Maybe it's one of those grass is greener things

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If there is a Season 2, would you guys want hand-drawn higher quality animation or the same shitty type we got this season?
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I want to see more of this couple but I doubt they'd ever show up again
I doubt 2D. Regardless, I imagine it could be difficult to decide how to move forward with the 3D.

The quaintness and charm of the original visuals are undeniable but it seems possible they'll have more budget and possibly staff going forward if it does well which makes it tempting to update and enhance.
Season 2 will bomb hard. By then people will have moved on to the next ironic meme. Also no one is going to buy these Blu-ray, it looks like shit.

Overrated shit
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Op's penis.
Is this where I post Shoebills?
>implying he has such

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She has guts.
Why can't Homura be like that and keep her braids and glasses and be fat
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hentai quotes bonus point for faces
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No one reads these images.
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