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Nanbaka ep 26 announced for april
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That's too far away!!
is nanbaka worth watching
Yes it is. most who dont watch it label it as fujoshit but its not that gay.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "flowers sprout everywhere it steps like the goddamn forest spirit" and 10 being "archeologists debate whether or not it ever actually existed", how dead is the OVA market?
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>"flowers sprout everywhere it steps like the goddamn forest spirit"
How does that describe the living state of anything?

The implication would be that it's so damn alive that life leaks out of it

Watch an anime son, goddamn.
It's dead with little exception.

Late-night TV anime covers its niche.

What did you think of Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone?

Are you excited for Goemon Ishikawa's Spray of Blood?
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What's with all the Lupin threads lately?
Are they all made by the same guy?
Why not?
I haven't started any but this one, but I saw it mentioned on /a/ recently so I watched it. It was fun and it looked pretty, so I wanted to talk about it.

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Why are video games seldomly adapted into anime? I think some are great source materials, pic very related.
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Because fanbases don't match up very well.
>DS anime
nah nigga there's no need for that
DS only work as a video game
Anime is essentially presented as an infomercial. Japanese games tend to do around half of their lifetime sales in week 1. So you're burning money to advertise something that's either not on the market yet or already old news--and at the same time, something like 90% of gamers are huge casual fakes who will welcome the chance to save their $80 (Japan prices) and watch the story on TV for free.

That's why, apart from online and mobile games, when it does happen it's often "inspired by" an ongoing franchise rather than retelling any given part, or intended as an advance wave of hype for a multimedia franchise that will later get games.

I wanna kick Haruhi's ass.
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Literally, or metaphorically?

I want to lick Haruhi's ass.

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Who would win?
>Kudo will be Conan so Light won't know Kudo's real name immediately
>They are both in Japan but several hundred kilometers away
>An anonymous client requested Mouri to investigate Kira
>Kira knows he's being investigated by someone but doesn't know it's legendary detective Kogoro Mouri

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In a fight between two Mary Sues the victor depends solely on the author.
This is a stupid thread.
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Conan for sure.
Light would win.
Kudo has never caught someone that wasn't in close proximity. There's no way he'll be able to pinpoint Light's location from Kira's killings. Shinichi Kudo had a big name for himself before he turned into Conan.

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Who was edgier?
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Sasuke, Vegeta eventually changed in the Buu saga
For as edgey as these two might have been they became the best characters after DBZ and Naruto ended in the sequel series
Didn't Sasuke change after losing his arm too?

Anyone was autistic enough to watch this to the end?
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Wait, this shit had 50 fucking episodes? I thought it would be 1cour
I also wants to know how greenlit this for 4 fucking cours

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You have summoned me. I shall grant you a continuation of any anime you choose directed by any studio you like. You may also specify how many episodes you would like. Now, make your wish.
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Extra season of Hellsing anime done by Kyoani. 24 eps.
boku no pico
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Excel Saga movie by TRIGGER

"Ara ara~ looks like i'm your nurse today anon, ufufu."
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Begone, temptress! I will attain the powers of sorcery!
I'd rather have a male nurse.

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Name a title with actually good battles.
ib4: pic related
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suggestion thread?
Cool a recommendation thread with a Naruto image OP

Welcome to neo-/a/.

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Megumin wants to touch you but she can't get past the borders of the screen.
What to do?
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Watch her get slimed.
Touch best girl Aqua instead.
Break the screen to open the path and finally meet my waifu.

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Is there a fourth volume of "Gifting this wonderful world with explosions"? If there is, could any of you friendly /a/nons share a link to it?

Also, Megumin thread.
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Tomato Kyouko?
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Easy one

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You like bikes?
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No I don't like kikes.
Onsa was the best.

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