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348 translation: http://mangastream.com/r/berserk/348/4128/1
349 comes out April 28th
Volume 38 is coming out on July 18th in America
Volume 39 comes out in June in Japan
Season 2 starts April 7th
Season 2 PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbx0PAsWiKw
Season 1 dub is out https://www.funimation.com/shows/berserk/
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Fuck off with this generalshit already.
is the english dub worth watching?
A new chapter actually came out?
Holy shit

Is Fooly Cooly 2 gonna be good?
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Of course not.
Why not
Because I said so

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Let's talk about the "trendy" manga in Japan.
Here is the list of the finalists :

>*1. Hibiki: Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou
>*3. Dungeon Meshi
>*4. Ao Ashi
>*5. Nami yo Kiitekure
>*6. Yakusoku no Neverland
>*7. Golden Gold
>*8. Fire Punch
>*9. High Score Girl
>*10. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
>*11. Watashi no Shounen
>*12. Tokyo Tarareba Musume
>*13. Kuutei Dragons

The winner is not even scanlated though.
It's a shame that Dungeon Meshi didn't win this one. And I feel like Neverland and Takagi-san will be adapted into anime soon.

Also It's surprising that a popular /ss/ manga like Watashi no shounen is not scanlated. I thought it was a popular genre.
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>Mixed up name and subject

Oh. That number 1 is actually pretty impressive. Mind if I hijack the thread to translate a few chapters of it?
What's it about?

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Inb4 Onoya best girl
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The fact that guy doesn't just bang her makes me so fucking mad. How is that fucking loser the one that helps NEETs? He's obviously got mental problems of his own.

If I didn't support her getting with MC I'd have to agree with you on that one

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Lingying Huang.jpg
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Why Rin is so perfect
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You're not fooling anybody Rin.
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Good question, OP.

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>not cropping your anime to a cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio

whats your excuse
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for comparison
I'm not mentally challenged.
I do this, and I also watch action animes at 1.1x speed and dramas at 0.9x speed.

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Parallel Paradise
2 Chapter!
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File: 004.png (904KB, 1127x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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>lusting after another man's sword while her boyfriend watches
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Sera is an overrated smelly boy

Why are there so many Shinichi clones in universe? Are they clones or something?
>best girl Sato comes back in this chapter
Finally. I missed her so much.

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comfy awoo.png
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Good night /a/.
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where the maga hat?
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Good night

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what ereader/tablet do you use for reading manga?
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meme nexus 7
i got a cheap windows tablet during christmas last year. it's nice and was like $50
I have an old ipad 1 I got for free. works great for manga. annoying finding applications that work with it, but it's pretty great other than that.

that nuvision? I was really tempted by that

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the next big shounen
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You can tell it's going to be canceled just looking at that image
Masterpiece. 10/10
Is that the number of chapters it'll have before getting axed?

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Is he the smartest anime/manga character of all time?
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DN was cool til L died, then it became just dick tugging and become "hurr durr i also predict that... and I ALSO PREDICTED THAT YOU PREDICTED THAT SO I PREDICTED".

tl;dr it was "okay"
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manga bible.jpg
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No. The smartest and wisest would be King Solomon from the manga Bible.

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>Code Geass is getting a sequel series despite the original one having ended perfectly fine with all the important stuff resolved, thus no real reason to revisit it.
>Meanwhile the Sunrise anime that DOES need a follow-up gets a mediocre filler movie where nothing happens and that's all for the series, as well as lots more potential world-building.
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Sunrise dropped the ball with T&B in the second half. idk, I was kinda fucked from that moment desu.

I know what you mean tho, what was the point in making the two movies, only to do nothing further with the setting?

Like, it's honestly a shame because, idk, feels like there's a lack of cool, older male character in anime that aren't just vehicles for jokes. Kotetsu was actually a pretty rad MC.
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I miss it so.

File: Furutani.Himawari.full.783812.jpg (754KB, 1863x1855px)Image search: [Google]
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I can't stop fapping to Himawari. And I don't even like tittymonsters usually. What's happening to me?
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You have a terminal case of shit taste.
I fapped countless times to her flat-chested friend.
Himarawi is not for fapping to.

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How do you go from this...
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File: 1490817566880.gif (635KB, 500x281px)Image search: [Google]
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to this?
The original had better animators, though the new one is more consistent.
>posting a full webm vs a few second long repeating gif

Never change /a/

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