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Anyone else feel like Anime peaked during the mid-2000s?
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but 2011 was the best year of anime yet
1572 was the best year for anime.
I don't really care when anime "peaked" as long as good anime continues to be made.

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I am Cocoa.

Please say something nice about me.
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I love your imouto Chino.
You're incredibly cute, like all GochiUsa girls.

I can't wait for the next season of your show.

Say something to this librorum prohibitorum.
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Index a cute.

not even trolling
What a cutie.

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>character clearly says hambuerger
>horrible subs translate it as salisbury steak
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I love jelly filled donuts
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Hamburg and hamburgers aren't the same thing

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Ringo-chan is bored! What are you gonna do about it anon?!
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Stick it in her pooper.
Ringo worst Beetle
rp with her
t. jack

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Tell me ONE reason (01) as to why King Arthur saving the world from the apocalypse and defeating Satan Loli wouldn't be a better storyline than the Fate route.
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It wouldn't have sold as well. That's why Takeuchi told Nasu to swap the genders and make King Arthur female and the protagonist male.
Because Satan Loli is a badly written villain.
Also it's fujoshi garbage.
Fujoshi garbage sells well though, look at UtaPri.

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Chapter 3 https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/robot-x-laserbeam/en/0/3/page/1
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Well, that was incredibly boring.
Also it didn't take long for it to became AutismXChocolate.
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Nip plz
like watching paint dry

Can't top the Ace.
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Is this the sweatiest anime ever created?
The manga has a bad art, I think the anime got it better.
And where is chapter 2-6 ? I can't find them.
Why is it so underrated ? Even in /u/.
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Manga art is certainly not bad though, and the art style is subjective but I think it's charming.

Anime was a good adaptation in all aspects though, including character design.

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Cover pic is out. Seems we're getting (another) Megumin volume.

What are your predictions concerning this volume?

Will Empreror Zell grow into a dragon?

Will Chomosuke grow into Wolbach ?

Will we have more Vanir scenes?

Will we have Kazuma constantly spilling spaghetti?

Will they mention the events of the spinoff, where Megumin realised the identity of the Masked Thief ?
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Based Megumin
Megumin = Iris >= Yunyun = Eris
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Kazuma x Aqua true OTP

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>No Bra

How did they get away with it?!?
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Kyoani finds a way
why would a boy wear a bra?
>No burka

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Magi is an incredible manga. I am happy that there is a shonen manga so atypical. It's a masterpiece. People used to only read manga for kids as generic shonen will never appreciate Magi. I think it's the best shonen manga of the story along with Fullmetal Alchemist. I repeat, it is not a manga for everyone, but its quality is indisputable.
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After the timeskip it became generic shonen n#25475
Yeah, FMA is what I thought when it begun, but it grew into its own identity.

So much powerlevel supermagis around, like wow.
>Magi was an incredible manga.

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Can he really kill everything?
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No, but she can.
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Why don't you have a cute older housewife cooking you delicious food, /a/?
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Because I prefer solitude.
I have. I call her mother.
I'm not good with other people.

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Jump SQ to start 6 new series as well for its anniversary
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What do you call these eyebrows?

All I know is that when I see a girl or a character archetype with them I want to split them in half.
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>I want to split them in half.
You want to make them smaller?
It originates from Hikimayu.
No, I want to jam my cock into them so hard they start to get damaged a little.

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