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>MC falls in love with the middle schooler

Just why?
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Middle schoolers are erotic
Because they're the best.
Imagine he'd impregnate the older sister after some courting and romancing and marrying. Nobody would want to see that. Absolutely nobody.

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Would you go home with Kobayashi-san?
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This is the sexiest she has ever looked. Why can't her eyes always be like that?
only if it ends with some next level nakadashi.

did you forget about the bath shot?
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I like my coffee with sugar
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Drinking coffee with sugar should be considered a crime.
I like my sugar with coffee and cream
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Came here to post this.

Has there ever been a mystery as long-going in anime and manga as Rin's fate was? It was the perfect backstory to Kakashi and I'm shocked nobody in the world saw it coming given it took what, 16 years to resolve?

Think about it. It was always made sense that Sakura and Sasuke were assigned together since Sakura had the best grades and Sasuke had the only other Sharingan in existence, but we never knew why Naruto was designated as a member of Team 7. Until Rin...

Anyway, Naruto has the deepest lore.
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I agree. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
700 eps of fun and lore
Only plebs can't look [past the surface and see it for the masterpiece it is.
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>but we never knew why Naruto was designated as a member of Team 7. Until Rin...
Wasn't it obvious from the start that the boy with the demon inside would be assigned to the teacher that was a part of the top assasin group in a village full of asssasins?

Furthermore, if Naruto has the deepest lore, what the hell did the world outside Ninja villages look like (not talking about the one village where they gought Zabuza) ?

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You can fuck this clock, or you can give everyone season 3. Which do you choose?
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fuck the clock
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fuck all of yall, and the clock
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Just fucking, or can we go from there?

As in relationship, dating, possible marriage, etc.

This is very important.

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Seriously, though.
What's in the bag?!
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Various Bosses.

Actually, what DID Kaban have in there a lot of the time? It's pretty full, and she doesn't carry extra clothes because they're her skin and her matches and map pamphlet can't possibly be that big.
Kaban and Kaban accessories?

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So what does /a/ think about Dragon Ball Z Abridged?
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I dont know how they'll decide to fix hercules role in the cell saga with them having cell not only blowinh up hercules students but also have him btfo'd so early on
>Cell is defeated
>everyone flies off
>Hercule takes credit for it
Just like in the show.
I enjoyed the yugioh filler

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Kenshin thread. Jinchuu anime when?
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Never, ever.
Never. And I really hope never.
Modern animation sucks.
Watch old Kenshin episodes. The animation. The style. It's just great.
Best WSJ adaptation other than 1999 HxH.
>Modern animation sucks.
Don't give a shit about the trips, that is objectively untrue.

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Why doesn't she take her breasts off when it's time for an important stealth mission? Surely they do nothing more than get in the way.

You're not going to try and tell me if it were a "male" in a skintight leotard he wouldn't leave his dick in a safe place before missions, are you?
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They are breast pockets. She stores her purse in the right one and batteries in the left.
Man I really hate Motoko's season 1 outfit
She doesn't already have enough room in her ass-pockets?

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Do we really have to wait a whole month for the final episode? Christ, why can't ufotable ever get their shit together? They even did a split cour so they could prevent stuff like this.
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Apparently it's because of scheduling from the TV station.
Zestiria is low priority for them, they've been shifting resources to Touken Ranbu for a while already.

That makes sense. That one's basically Kancolle for girls, right?

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Haifuri OVA prequel airs in two days.
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Which haifuri would you fuck?
S2 announcement at the end of it, calling it now.

Pretty much 99.9% confirmed.

But I doubt they would announce it before the 48 minute OVA in may.

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Literary Girl > Ringo > Imouto > Mirror Girl > Arch Demon > Tadakuni in a skirt > Nago > garbage > Motoharu's sister > Yoshitake's sister > shit > Ikushima > Yanagin

Prove me wrong
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Jack > all
Habara and Kurosawa >
Where's the Overly Self-Conscious Girl?

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Just finished Gantz, why was the ending so anticlimactic?
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why is hitler in its chest
Should have killed the MCs.
I mean the theme of the manga is everything is pointless.
>Should have killed the MCs

One of my many problems with the last arc was the plot armor. They had so much plot armor that they even made a clone of one to give him more plot armor.

Are there any hidden gems in Japan that isnt known due to lack of subtitles?
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I found this relly cool series, but's ti's kinda weird, it's called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Tell me more about it, anon. What makes it special?
Made in Abyss was in untranslated hell up until a week ago when a thread finally attracted attention.

It's pretty good if you like adventure and exploration.

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A girl's nipples exist under anything that obscures their view. Sure this means you can't pin down where they belong and they can pretty much be anywhere so long as some part of the boob is concealed, but at least kid's minds aren't being corrupted like they were from the 70s to the 90s.

I blame crunchyroll. If animation studios didn't have to leech their dosh from a westernized weeaboo youtube we'd have shows that show nipples and those that don't instead of this anatomy defying not technically porn shell game.
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>I blame crunchyroll.
That seems like an odd choice.
Oh, yeah. And this show features a closeup on Kazuma's nippley chest while implying Megumin is getting aroused like it ain't no thing.
Why does she hate her real name so much

It's cute

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