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Hatsukoi Zombie 72

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Oh god. What is happening.

72: An ironic fate
[Center] Their feelings spill out from their hidden heart...
[Bottom right] The newest volume 6 is now selling super well.
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[Right] Ibusuki-kun should have come here to find out 'how to stop seeing the First love zombies', but she was selected to play the princess in a strange festival......!!?

"If we find out how to stop seeing the first love zombies"
"There's no reason for me to be by Tarou's side anymore..."
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"We have arrived, now please get off"

"The dragon's cave is over there"
"The person playing the dragon is waiting inside"

"Maaaan, thank god. This thing is suuuper tiring to climb"
"We really had to have a young person play the role"
"So that's why you gave me the role..."

"This kimono's heavy..."
"Why am I suffering so..."
"I mean, a guy dressing as a girl and marrying a dragon is a strange story in the first place..."
"And I'm a girl..."

"...I'm finally here"
"This probably would've been tiring for old people to do every year..."
"~The previous dragon princesses~"
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"Wah... it suddenly feels so cold..."
"And the guy playing the dragon is in here..."

"Ta... Kurume!?"
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"Really? Eve-chan"
"Was Kyouko really there?"

"Yeah! She had the same face as you, Kyouko-chan!"
"I'm sure I saw her!"

"But I wonder why she had the same appearance from 80 years ago? Is she a monster..."
"Wouldn't she normally be her great grandchild?"

"But, if that's the case, Kyouko also probably came along to take her great grandchild..."

"...but Eve-chan"
"Why did you tell me?"
"You hate what I'm doing though, right?"
Ugh, when will this story arc go on? This is dragging the whole thing down.
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"...I wanna see her"

"I wanna see what will happen when you meet Kyouko-san"


"And I want to know"
"What I'd feel from seeing that..."

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"Over there!!"

"I was forced to change into this when I arrived at the shrine..."
"They didn't wanna climb the stairs so they told me to do it..."
"I knew it..."

"But this is great"
"I wanted the two of us to be alone"
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"I found out how to stop seeing the 'First Love Zombies'"

"My great grandpa told me"
"He was entrusted with the role of the dragon for this festival 70 years ago"
"Women aren't allowed to be inside the cave"
"So Kyouko waited outside"
"I was waiting for the dragon princess alone..."

"And he showed up"

"I saw who he was"
"And I was shocked"

"It was Kyouko..."
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"...I secretly asked him to switch places"

"I heard that you came back here after the war..."

"This whole time..."
"I have actually been in..."

"...I got engaged"

"But if you tell me to make a run for it, I'll...!"
Cancelled huh? Heard the magazine is planning to start bunch of new series.
Wait, I thought grandpa and kyouko never talked?
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"...at that moment"

"I remembered that Kyouko was waiting for me"

"If I hugged this person"
"Kyouko would disappear"
"So I..."
Stop lying anon.
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"I hope you'll be happy"
"With the man you're engaged with"

"At that moment"

"My head suddenly went blank"
"And I lost consciousness"
"When I woke up, Kyouko was not there"

"It wasn't just her."
"I stopped seeing all the other wicked women too..."
Just something I heard from /a/.
There's 6 new series. Denpa Kyoushi and Ryoko got the axe. Hayate is ending next week. That's 3 out of 6.
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"...so basically"

"If your first love loves you, but you deny her love"
"You'll stop seeing the first love zombies"

"So, it's something I really can't do anything about in the end"
"Because in my case, you're a man and we can't have a mutual love"
"But it's possible for you, Ibusuki-kun"

"You told me before to put an end to my first love"
"So that's basically like dating your first love then breaking up, right?"
[Flashback] "...I ended my 'first love' long ago."
"It might be difficult, but we have to rekindle that love then deny it"
"It's honestly a nasty move,"
"But then you might be released from the first love zombies"
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...you're a moron.
"But, the girl is in a foreign country, right?"
"First, we have to go and meet that girl"
"But it'll be hard to go on a multiple day trip just for you to fall in love again"
That story is all lies.

My first love

Is right in front of me right now...
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"The sound of the drum..."
"...we should just hold the ceremony properly"

"So, I'm just reading this..."
I got this awhile ago, so I couldn't rehearse it...

"What the heck, is this a modern translation?"
"...looks like it"
"This feels kinda open, and not very serious..."
"I dunno why you're telling me this!!"

"...I didn't expect that Tarou would be the one reading this..."
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" 'I love you from the bottom of my heart' "

"Uhh... 'If you could be my bride, I will return the water to the villagers and go to the skies' "

If you're continuing to see the first love zombies because of Eve,
I'll try out this 'method' alone
I'll be really sad this series gets axe. It's the only one from Sunday that I follow religiously.
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"It's your turn to read, right?"

Right now,

I will reveal myself as a woman......
"...I understand. I have something to ask of the gods, so please wait outside for a minute' "

If it stirs up your love for me from 10 years ago,

We'll be bidding farewell [to them] for eternity.
" 'Gods, I have something to ask...' "
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"Turn me back into a woman"


"Ibusuki-kun, it's"
" 'Make me into a woman'..."
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[Right] Her true feelings are overflowing...
And it ends there. See you next week.
Thanks anon.
Thanks a lot~
Many thanks anon.
Thank you OP.
Oh boy

We're still getting thrown back into the status quo, aren't we
Thanks a lot!
Of course. That or it's ending.
Better something happen
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>tee hee hee, I'm just rehearsing for the show, silly
If this goes nowhere, I'm dropping it. I can forgive some no progress, but baiting is too much.
Thanks as always tl-kun. much love
Just happy it isn't going this far with Ebino and then turning around and say "just kidding" the main girl will be featured for the next 10 chapters.
Read the first page, idiot. Volume six is selling well.
Uhh, sorry for the slight editorial, but I just realized I made a big error in the conditions to stop seeing first love zombies.

pan 2 bub 1
>If you and your first love share mutual romantic feelings, but then you deny that love,
Also, that's just standard pep talk. In actuality, Oricon didn't record any sales numbers for Hatsukoi Zombie volume 6.
Magazines put that on every new chapter when a new volume is released. What are they going to say, "Volume 6 is released and it sold below our expectations. Please buy it and enjoy!"
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Just not say anything maybe just "Enjoy volume 6!"

Why would they lie like that?
>She changed how she addresses herself

Yeah, I still ain't believing that.
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Thread images: 20

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