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Who was this character's target demographic?
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Men of refined taste
men of patrician taste
Kill La Kill!

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Remember to keep your imoutos happy and sane.
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>Hikari goes batshit
>Ofanimon goes Falldown
>Takeru sends Seraphimon to restrain them
>He gets tossed aside in one strike
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fuck marry kill
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Why do they hate seraphimon so much? and garbage shit like pheonixmon and H-Kabutorimon get better screen time...

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I don't get it: is this a meme? Why is this so highly rated? It's a slow, disjointed story with average visuals, and it boils down to "It's The Giver, but with telekinesis".
There's an abrupt and random 2 year time skip, after which EVERYONE is gay for a few episodes. It's like the editors had ADD.
If everyone has to say "it's slow, but it gets AMAZING at episode 12" or "it gets good 3/4 in", I feel like that's a bad show. 12 episodes in, all you learn is "Yep everything you thought since episode 3 is true". There's no big revelations, just confirmation that the obvious is true.
And why are there SO many random crotch and ass shots in episode 10?
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keep watching your moeshit
You are right. Where is the fucking action? Well, not everything can be as good as naruto, one piece, or Dragonball Z.
>fucking action
I don't want action I want some sort of meaningful story, or characters, or at least some plot development.

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Money 01-163.jpg
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OPT: One Page Thread
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What manga has the best system for powers/magic?
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>Nanatsu no Taizi
>Decent powers
>Introduce literal powerlevels
>Make antagonists too powerful for anyone else to contribute but mc

It really jumped the shark.

HxH by a wide margin

There she is. Animated Schierke.
I thought I would feel more excited.
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She was animated way back when S1 Episode 01 was aired m8 even had a small voiced role
It's hard to feel animated to anything related to this anime really.

Is this good?
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When would 90,000 people buying your product not be a good thing?
Bleach did better. Not even salty it ended. Just stating facts
But bleach was popular. TPN just started

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Has an anime ever scared you?
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Mugi is the one who scares

I hope this stays this cute.
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Second episode was cute and got us to know the character. Hopefully third episode will get into what's going on a bit more.
It's the same director as Flying Witch, so while I expect plot things, I'm hoping it's mostly like this episode.
Sanae was great. Hope there'll be more SoL episodes.

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Which one was a better plan?
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>a plant and illusions
>all souls are one in primordial soup
Nigger, are you joking me?
Tsukuyomi was a better idea.
Everyone on Earth living in a fantasy.
That's everlasting happiness.
There was literally nothing wrong with the infinite tsukuyomi plan, which is why they had to pull the Jenova plot twist off their asses.

Madara would have done nothing wrong otherwise.

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Akari knows what you did
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I'm sorry, Akari. Sometimes I just can't resist your tight butt.
I'm sorry, Akari. Sometimes I just can't resist your tight butt.

It's just so tight.
I'm not sorry.

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*Blocks your path*

what do?
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Tell her to save me from the bullies chasing me.
You're blocking my path with what? Some trees and a railing in the background?

Do you guys like Roa's new design?
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>Killed by a chuuni count
I feel as if you are fucking with me. Isn't this a bit too drastic a change?
Unless this is specifically his first form from back in the day before he became a pianist in which case I could deal but not 18 reincarnations Roa.
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Roa old design.png
178KB, 355x362px

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Do you think Ai-chan's uniform is cute or lewd?
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It's a slightly changed Anna Miller's so it was designed to be both.
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>look down
>see this
What do
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Doesn't look too different from my normal view except that the water is much more reflectant than normal and I have much larger breasts

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