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spooky skeleton.jpg
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Let's do this.
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You first, OP.

What the hell is up with this girl
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She was supposed to go an engineering college but she's too shy to tell anyone she's at the wrong school
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The secret cutie of LWA.
Is she mute or just reserved? I thought she was mute and thats why she has to use tech to cover the lack of spoken magic.

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>Google kimoiko
>The results are either Tomoko or unrelated

Are there seriously no other characters of this archetype other than Tomoko?

Why is this considered an archetype then?
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That's interesting, I think she actually does fit the description
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The amars? does the behavior have to be embarressing, or just strange?

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So I'm a bit late but HOLY SHIT this is one of the best dramas I have ever seen in my entire life in both 2d and 3DPD platform. How can Deen even make this shit without completely fucking it unlike what they did in the past couple of decades?

Also, her spin-off series when?
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DEEN is actually not a shitty studio, they've done plenty of great works in the past.
like what? They made Fatefags angry
Samurai X

best ED of the season? best OP?
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It's not a smart idea to make these threads when most OPs & EDs aren't out yet.
Best ED is SnK s2. Shinsei Kamattechan, m8.

Best OP will most likely be Uchoten Kazoku is Milktub sing it again.
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dancing chibis.webm
3MB, 1280x426px
Hinako Note has both best OP and ED.

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This is your horse tonight
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>unshorn fetlocks
What's Z-ton up to this time?
is it out yet?

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Take out most of the filler and it really wasn't that bad, right?
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Baby's first anime
It was all filler

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This is about the comfiest shaft anime ever made
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It was really cute. Shame it couldn't continue.
I would always cook a nice big homemade meal to eat while watching this show. Now I barely ever cook at all. In fact, I've only cooked less than 10 times this year. We need more cute girls eating food anime.
I REALLY liked the head tilts.

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Am I the only one that watches a complete series in Reverse? I.E I watch from episode 12 to 1, not 1 to 12.
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I hope you've watched Touka Gettan
That's not what they mean by reading from right to left anon.

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Spring 2017 [1].jpg
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What are you enjoying this season?

Have you dropped anything or are you good at only trying shows you know you'll like?
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FAG power.webm
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I thought of dropping FAG then this happened
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Good so far:
>Shirobako Quest
>[email protected]: Kaede and Some Other Girls

On the bubble:
Renai Boukun was kind of dumb, but I'll give it the three episodes. Could easily drop it.

Hinako Note was too silly even for CGDCGT.
I want to try F.A.G., but the CG looks crummy and the story insipid.
Tsuki ga Kirei is on the backlog.
Shingeki no Bahamut
Kyokai no Rinne
Natsume Roku

Plan to watch:
Danmachi: Sword Oratoria
Atom The Beginning

Post girls who you think are extremely cute and unappreciated in this thread.

I am posting Eureka Frog, her aesthetic taste is impeccable and she is very, very cute.
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Good thread, there are som top-tier tertiary characters out there.
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Maybe she's not that unappreciated but I miss her and think there wasn't enough of her.

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Is it true that Tohsaka Rin pleases old men for money?
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Yes, it's true
It's all true
Why are there so god-damn many Rin threads recently?
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Is Gil an old man?

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maxresdefault (7).jpg
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Hito Toshite Jiku Ga Bureteiru seems to apply to my outlook on life more and more as time goes on and this realization is distressing.
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I had that same realization a couple of years back about this very same song, but remember the sog also has this bit, anon:
>If you are here, can I change?
> "just realize that I am here"
You can change that oulook by finding the right things and the right people

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>Vagabond is in its final arc
>hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years

What happened with Inoue and this manga?
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I feel that Kojiro really was suppose to be the friend. It would have more build-up and they could've had the historical fight play out accurately.

perhaps this is a big case of mangaka fatigue
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>Inoue is getting back into drawing Vagabond soon. He drew a sketch for the 2017 manga festival as well. Pic related.

This was posted earler today-
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>slowly reading through vagabond
>tfw it will probably not be finished by the time I'm all caught up

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