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Started with the last page, woops.
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Why did it take him so long to realize he can just permanently mind-control people with his powers?
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Because he is a retarded edgelord?
Because this series is shit. Shiiiiiit.
It's against his code of ethics

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How would you make the inevitable Persona 5 anime better than the garbage P3 and P4 adaptations?
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Make it a P2 anime instead.
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Make it about Incubus and his women raping adventures.
good idea

as to the style, late 90s a per when the game was released; or do we update the style to now but keep the main design elements the same?

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>parents are working overseas
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>one of the parents is a gaijin
>is always the mother
That dad is always smoking too
>if they appear they live in the kitchen
>mom always wears an apron
>dad is a living newspaper with arms attached

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An asspull for ants.
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Someone post the multiple ant asspulls.

Who was this character's target demographic?
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All men and the segment of females who haven't grown bitter at young, pretty girls.

Why does she have such an annoying raspy voice?
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desu it was my favorite character, fuck Tohru, Koba, pretty much everyone else

Fuck Kyoani too
because she's an asshole
Kanna is perfect, you fucking degenerate shitbag.

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Let's talk about best gatari. Why is she so best?
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that's not kaiki
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I've been waiting to repost this
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Crabfags should be gassed.

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Fuuru moon!
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i remember picking this anime up years ago only to drop it for some reason, is it even worth watching?
I remember dropping it because it was shit. Probably not.

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That little shit.
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What's his endgame?
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You already know.
Where were the spoilers posted ?

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I... I wrote a song for Cocona.

You are my Cocona
My only Cocona
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my Cocona away

I hope she'll like it.
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I... I wrote a song for OP.

Shut the fuck up.

I hope he likes it.
Can you teach me how to fully commit to waifuism my heart is shattered and when it's mended I want to have something beautiful like you do anon
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Gay Baby.jpg
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Would you?
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No, I don't like stinky sluts
Galko is no slut.

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>tacit acknowledgement of the anime's production on page like 250
yeah okay like that's totally real

On the front page of the magazine, it says "climax of the war against the nation!", to which I lend no credence, but let's try to stay positive this week, guys; okay?

>Chapter 153: Absolutely Peerless
>Musashi rejoices. Japan trembles in/with fear.
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I'm including this because I thought some of you might be amused by it. If you've been paying attention to these translations, you might remember who this is. Here's a video of him/who he is, at any rate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvsgixKCWg8

Itagaki Keisuke vs Nasukawa Tenshin - Talk Battle - The Strongest Talk/Interview is Happening!
Super High School Senior - Super Mangaka
blah blah blah, he's like Baki because they're both fighting at the top level at age 17, they call him "the real Baki"; therefore, a talk with Itagaki was necessary
"There's a hint to the strongest in here, pay close attention."
No idea what that means; might refer to the entire magazine or just this chapter.
Their conversation is after the chapter in the magazine. I can't possibly have the energy to translate it now, so I'll see about it later.
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>Narrator: Two-Swords Style. (Nitouryuu)
>N: That is the official name which Niten Ichiryuu has taken.
>N: It is a large, original school said to have been devised by Miyamoto Musashi.
>N: It's needless to say that he has remained the strongest throughout the generations, a swordsmaster of swordsmasters, the number one tactician.
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>N: Metropolitan Police Department
>Door: Special Tactical Assault Team Penis Inspection Room
>N: Inspector Tanuma Hikoji

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Anyone else hype for the new Ghibli film?

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>director of Arrietty and Marnie
Why is it that I only ever anticipate children's anime? It should really just stick to children or adult. Teenagers are too edgy to have as a target audience. No need to rely on cliche or pandering this way. Won't be as effective.

Is it it about a cute innocent little girl learning the beauty of nature and magic against the harsh backdrop of mankind's evil?

Because I saw that one already like 10 times

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A show about suffering has no business being this cute and relaxing.
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I bet Zoroku was really god damn hot when he was younger, in his 30s and 40s (20s is too young for me).
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Sanae is a miracle.
Why do they all look like yuyus?

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