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How susceptible is your waifu to bullying?
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thought /a/ was a bully free area
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She'd fuck em up,
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smugg haruhi.jpg
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Im pretty sure she'd be the bully

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Sakaki is too sexual for children.
What exactly were you expecting from a country that outlawed small boobs in porn?
it didnt past. only 2d loli was banned

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For me personally, I feel like this is my single favorite manga page ever.

And it's all because of Mikasa's face.
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I remember doing a double take the first time I read this, my face probably looked a lot like hers

I remember the /a/ reaction, so beautiful.
while I'm thinking about it, does anyone have the edit of the manga page with all the cummies pasta on it?

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"Villains" who did nothing wrong.
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>Didn't completely remove all the jews
Well, he did do something wrong

He was not by any means.
Guy doing his job to protect his country and bring order so he could came back to his wife and make sweet love to her

This is canon btw

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Say something nice about her!
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Her love of tanks is endearing.
i think it would feel very good to get a fluffjob from her hair

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Is it possible to get any more smug than this /a/?
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File: Smugest.png (64KB, 306x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>lazy neet that constantly eats candy
>in perfect shape

Nah, I don't buy it.
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So you want her to be a fat piece of shit, then.
Having sex burns calories.
Yes please. You don't stay thin while living a completely hedonistic lifestyle.

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Why do you want to be physically abused by Shinka?
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I'll achieve enlightenment faster
No, but I'd love the physically abuse Shinka
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I want to become enlightened.

Can someone /thread me?

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This right here is the most insulting, trashy, nonsensical clusterfuck of a sorry excuse of fiction I've ever seen. I tell you, they made this to piss people off.

And I'm not talking about anime in general. This is the WORST FICTIONAL STORY I'VE EVER SEEN.

I'm literally shaking right now, I finished the second season 30 minutes ago and I'm still trying to figure out how human mind could come up with this piece of shit.

Haruto is literally WORSE THAN SHINJI. AT LEAST SHINJI CHOCKED ASUKA. Meanwhile Haruto

>You forgot about it, Haruto?

Don't get me wrong, Shoko is a traitous whore (yay, let's make even the meek characters unlikeable shits, it's not like I was completely alienated about how the show portrayed L Elf, a ruthless bastard killing people as a tragic anti hero), but Haruto's reaction is the most frustrating thing I've ever seen.


>Hey, those bastards are immortal vampires!
>What should we do sir?
>Why kill them of course
>Sir, those "immortal vampires" are dying
>Nice, keep killing them

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>Haruto is literally WORSE THAN SHINJI
You say that like Shinji is bad.
He is
>He is
found the underage

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It's out
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>17 year old thera

nice. Also thanks, anon.
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Thanks. Blake-sama is cool even when he's young.
Gone for a week, I like how they revealed Blake being a prince one chapter later when they showed the king because they obviously looked the same.

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>172 cm

Is she the tallest brat in anime?
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Why did this JC meme start?
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Is not like JC is a new word or something why do you call it a meme?
I've seen it used with highly increased frequency in the past couple of weeks.

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was it autism?
seriously wtf was this kids problem?
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It was her time of the month.
Yes. It was space autism. He's an autistic child. He's a child with autism. 自閉症の子供.
Psychic necromancy. Newtype. Autism. Kamille is a man's name. Camille is a man's name.

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Is he the tallest MC in recent memory?
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>Little girl
>guaranteed replies.jpg
that would probably be Nozaki-kun

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>DEEN produces a successful anime with 5% effort

How does DEEN do it?
What's the secret?
How does DEEN keep getting away with it?
Is there anything DEEN can't do?
Why do people ever doubting DEEN?
Can anyone defeat DEEN?
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If you make 100 cheap as fuck shows one of them is bound to succeed.
kadokawa did it with 5 animators but are too stupid to get money from it.
they made fucking washbuckets instead of printing more BDs
>5 animators
which anime?

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s(he) a cute

the superior haruhi

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