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Let me see them.
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A drawing on a computer screen isn't going to make my life any less shitty.
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My life will be better when I hold and sniff her warm pantsu.
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She makes me life worse, actually

>think about her in class
>zone out and miss a lesson
>marks suffer

>think about her at the gym
>get a boner
>have to hide it

>think about her at home
>waste a bunch of valuable time collecting cute images of her

>dream about her at night
>wake up to a cold reality where she doesn't exist

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One page thread?
One page thread
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ghost sweeper mikami.jpg
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Why is so Eriri so cute, not boring and not a dirty used slut that attracts mexicans?
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Why is this false flagging tripfaggot not range banned yet?
Can't wait for her to win. Why he should be banned? Because he is not a delusional Megumi fag and actually have a good taste?
Put your trip back on

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This is sublime. Every episode feels like being catapulted into a whole new dimension.
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lolicon faggot
So is Guu nyarlathotep?
I still need to watch this show

Why is Touru a lesbian?
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Because men are frickin gay
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Why is Tohru fat?

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>all those faggot who said that Umaru would never ever get a season 2

Hahaha, who's laughing now?
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Umaru returned to BTFO the Gabriel Dropout normie pissdrinkers
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Me at your shit taste.
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>posts kyoanus crap
We're all laughing at your shit taste too.

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Out of Context Edition
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Pissed Albus
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Smug Albus
where can i find this chinky translation?

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ITT: weak/bad endings
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3 time gaps all in the final chapter
That'll be good
So how did Ken survive falling off the window again?
It was all good until Yumin's betrayal.
It even turned to more shit when "Here have the rights to all my property even though you betrayed the fuck out of me and we were at war for some 5 years."

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Tearju official appearance-1.jpg
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Sensei thread
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What would marriage with Tearju be like?

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Cry 002.gif
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I've never finished an anime
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I sometimes fap to 3D
And I instantly regret it afterwards
Rikka > Sanae > Kumin > Sofia > Nibutani

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gaze into the face of phil.png
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What's so great about this kid that you guys have to post him constantly? Disgusting
He's the hero we need but not the one we deserve.
he is a game changing character

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Danmatchi Gaiden.jpg
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Season 2 is here.
Is it going to retrace the events of Season 1 from Aiz's point of view?
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Not a season 2, it's a spin-off focused in the worst characters of the series.
on top of that, S2 production's value looks lightyears away from S1's one
So the beginning was a retelling of that Asanagi doujinshi?

Finished pic related, at least took two weeks.
I skipped all of the fillers. The last arc Pharaoh vs Zorc is meaningless, it's not even duel using cards anymore, but at least it reveals Pharaoh past.
The last duel is good, can't believe Yugi could defeat the three God cards and also defeated Pharaoh.
Best Arc: Duel Kingdom > Battle City.
Best duel: Malik's puppet vs Yugi's other self.
Best girl: Anzu, also Ishizu, inb4: shit taste, pleb, kys.
Best villain: Malik.
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>I skipped all of the fillers.
The Atlantis filler is regarded as one of the best fillers in all anime.


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Dumping translated chapter 6 of thick monster girls.
I think it got a lot better with this one. We got a new girl and the return of donk elf.
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You cannot declare the identity of a face-down monster, it is an illegal move and an attempt to manipulate the game. I call a judge and ask that you be disqualified.
I have never played a trading card game. How do I get into Yu Gi Oh
I am judge and i agree with him. OP is disqualified

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