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Honest opinion of bakabt?
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It was the best place to download most anime. Now I think I will move to AB because building ratio on Bakabt is pain. They accept things too slow even if you offer obivously best stuff out there.
The only place for old and obscure animu for me, now I can only watch new shit from nyaa
Request reseeds on nyaa.

Who hires a 3D modeler who doesn't know anything about 3D modeling? Why can't I get hired to learn the same thing? Everywhere I've ever seen always wants people who are already experts. It's self-taught or nothing.
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>Why can't I get hired to learn the same thing?
Because you aren't a cute girl.
You aren't cute enough to post in here either, so fuck off.
wow rude
They hired an artist for character designs who will also do modeling

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What kind of questions would Shiburin ask?
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"You brought the rubber, right?"
you brought the lyric sheet and music with you this time?

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So, what's your opinion about the Soul Eater manga?
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started out nicely but both Manga and Anime endings suck hard
author can create interesting scenarios and characters, but can't into story for shit.
It's a a manga where the MC is the worst character in the series.

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NHK 23:00~
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Do I have to read or watch anything Atom before this?
All Astro Boy series and read Pluto
Pluto was nice.

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This is Genos, say something nice or not to him.
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Hello, Genos. I hope you have enough spare parts
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I want you to be my toaster.
You have gotten brighter

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Can someone explain to me what is good about Z Gundam? I am trying to watch it but it's so unbearable. Character motivations, pacing, plot, everything is out of place. Random battles every episode aren't helping whatsoever and the plot is incredibly slow. It feels like a good 70% of each episode is entirely skippable.

Does it truly get better? Because I can already barely stand it.
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>Character motivations, pacing, plot, everything is out of place. Random battles every episode aren't helping whatsoever
Are you watching G Reco by mistake?
Zeta is fine.
It's just like IBO but far better in every aspects.

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>Man, HeroAca S2's schedule is insanely good. Episode 20 (S2 ep7) was produced in January
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Say that again when they put 2 recaps in the middle of the 2-cour.
Based Bones.
How can Kyoani even compete?
Bones are truly one of the few studios Kyoanifags afraid to go up against. Sasuga Bones! Keep it up, proud of you!

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We need to settle this, who do you pick /a/?
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I would sell my soul to be Akeno's servant
I love Asia.
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>you are now all evil in the world
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Lelouch would fit better than Kiritsugu.
Good job you fucking manchild
You must all come to realize that HF Shirou is Angra Mainyu. If we go by the Grail's logic in its dialogue with Kiritsugu, this is an absolute truth. He would kill everyone in the world to protect Sakura.

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Are you excited for New Game S2? What do you hope to see?
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Hardcore Lesbian hand holding.
I just want Umigon and Nene's date.
Author already said he was writing Nene out of the anime

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What would you do if you saw someone wearing this shirt?
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Ignore him and go away as fast as possible, then complaining on /a/ about how Jojofags are cacerous normalfags.

hey man cool shirt
Yell za warudo as loud as possible in his ear, slap his ass and say yare yare daze before walking away

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Are we liking Clockwork Planet?
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Yes I want to cock a clock now
Yes, best LN adaptation of the season tied with SukaSuka.
Yeah the MC and Robot duo are great to watch.

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Wew lad
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Will Mutsuki walk in on them?

How likely did Nishiki fucked Touka in the timeskip?
Is she?

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How about a happy vibes thread, /a/? Let's post anime girls who are happy and make you think of happy thoughts!
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