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Oh god Iorin is so pretty!
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>white lilies in the background

What does this mean?
she likes it up the butt is what it means
How pretty does she look with a penis in her ass?

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WSJ Issue #24 Cover : Kimetsu no Yaiba

Jump Giga 2017 Vol.02 (26/05):

Lead CP: Puzzle Juggle by Shinkai Hideo (50 pg.)「Author of Soul Catcher(S)」
CP: Ichigo 100% East Side Story, TaoTao by Naba Fusai (47 pg.)「Author of Kung Fu Master, Urushi」
Bangaihen: Haikyuu!!×Let's! Haikyu!?, Samon-kun wa Summoner, Yakusoku no Neverland
Poster: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Samon-kun wa Summoner

Jump Giga 2017 Vol.03:
Interview: Tite Kubo × Yusei Matsui
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Ganbarre Samon-kun
>Interview: Tite Kubo × Yusei Matsui
This'll get translated, right?
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>CP: Samon-kun wa Summoner
>Poster: Samon-kun wa Summoner
Any news about Issue #23 ranking?

Such a wonderful loving friend!
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Rarely has an anime left me with such a huge fucking grin on my face.
Does it look like this?
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Yes, I just couldn't stop smiling.

Fuck, I love Tatami Galaxy.

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Hey /a/ what you think about futanari?
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Poor man's traps.
But I like both.
Not enough of it.

Would you date a slut in hopes of making her pure?
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I don't think he wanted to make her pure at all. He liked her even though she was a total tramp. Which either makes him a cuck fetishist or just a nonsense character who doesn't act like a human being. I'm gonna say the latter since scum's wish is a shit show.
I would date Akane just to have the honor.
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It's impossible. Used goods is used goods

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Just wanted to submit a small album of my favourite HxH panels in honor of Togashi-sensei's birthday! http://imgur.com/a/LJEwl
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Man so good. I'm one of the few who really like Togashis artstyle
If only he still draws manga
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He draws good when he is actually trying to.

Sadly, he has zero investment in HxH these days.

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Do I get in trouble with Canadian customs if I import this?
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pretty much, at best you get called to you local police station to give some explaination about that Piece of cloth looking like a little girl but is in fact more than 200 years old.
Actually has anyone ever gotten trouble for this kinda stuff before?

Also i can't find source
Yes, some Canadial lad got arrested and sentenced for having some chibi kamasutra

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What happened to him?

I miss him.
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He died.
Anon, i...
Jii-san had some fine taste. RIP

I want to be like him when I'm an old man.

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Is this a good mangar?
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Better than Vikings or The Last Kingdom
Pretty good. Some people don't like its shift in tone halfway through but it's set up from the start and I don't have a problem with it.
the beginning of the series is worth a read
I stopped following it, because I didn't much care for the direction it was going in, but I would recommend it

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Jets are made of aluminum and aluminum is the most reflective substance on earth.

So why not polish the jets up to a mirror shine?
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why not use smoke grenade and see laser focus going to hell, thanks to all the particles in the air?

because the write knew shit about military hardware.
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Laser Class Math.jpg
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Grade A children of a dead earth tier autism. That was a compliment.

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What's your opinion about Guilty Kiss subunit /a/? I mean you're not a AZALEA or CYaRon shitter right?
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That art looks really shitty compared to normal.
And it looks like Riko is trying to put her hand on Yohane-sama's crotch.
Why is Riko determined to steal all of You's love interests?
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yohane doesn't know.jpg
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It's mostly the mouths. What the fuck is up with Yohane's?

I want Hisoka to cover my face with his bungee gum. Is that alright?
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Nope, it isn't.
You wouldn't be able to breathe and only bungee gum would be on your mind for days or possibly weeks.
so you're saying you want his rubber and cum?

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I miss the good tsunderes
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Are there many bad ones?
Maybe you should question your taste.
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>Are there many bad ones?

>posts a bad one
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Tsunderes were never good

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Can we talk about Sora No Woto?
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Good show, deeply flawed. I got a bit sniffly at the end.
so no sequel about them exploring the world?

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Yes, and?
Anime when?
How could I be a faggot if I want to bone my aunt?

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