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Who can stop them?
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Violet Evergarden's domain was registered.
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need some dicking

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Female leads exist but they dont usually fit the strong MC archetype unlike male MCs. Im talking about Sukebans and such.

Off the top of my head I can only name Kill la Kill,black lagoon and Teppu. Why the fuck dont nips make more of this stuff?
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There's more to strength than physical strength.
Of course, thats why your average tsundere isnt listed
Has there ever been at time where anime/manga reguarly had a strong female lead? I dont really get what you put in "strong" though, only what I think when I hear it.
For the list you can add Seras (Hellsing) and the white one from Jormundgand.

Hokage or king of the pirates?
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One has to sit in an office neglecting his family and sign papers all day. Other gets to sail around crazy seas looking for fun and adventure. Gee what a tough choice. Even being Shaman King is better than Hokage.
I see where you're going with this but too bad the marines and other pirates are going to want you dead if you're king of the pirates

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I just finished berserk. Can we talk about it? Why did Guts go back and rescue Griffith when Griffith tried to stop him from leaving, he didn't owe the guy anything, that was a stupid move. Or is the entire last two episodes and his punishment to show that because everyone was subservient to Griffith they deserved to be sacrificed in his name? Why did Griffith rape Casca and in front of Guts nonetheless, I thought he wasn't attracted to her, or did he do it just to spite Guts? Finally, is this the actual ending, since the first episode starts after the ending guts is obviously alive, so how far through is the anime compared to the manga at the end, how much is actually covered?
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But berserk isnt finished and it never will be
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>I just finished berserk
nigga we going to fucking die before berserk is finished
are you a time traveler from the year 21XX? How the hell did you finish Berserk?

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Is Kantai Collection fucking dead?
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New russian ship next week lads.
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I'm glad my wife is great at singing

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Spoilers for chapter 136 of UQ Holder out.
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Would you be her toilet?
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I don't know who that is but obviously.
Of course.

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Scanlation thread.

What are you working on, /a/?
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Thoughts on this?

Seems to be quite a good deal if we could establish something like the goddess for it.
I can't moon so I might be misunderstanding it, but it's a monthly subscription of 500 yen for a bunch of monthly magazines. Lewds are also included, apparently.

Too bad it's Japanese domestic sale only so you'd need to pay for a trustworthy proxy as well.
Oh neat you can send requests too. I would definitely get this if they would add more magazines.
Why would you figure it needs a proxy though? Does bookwalker not accept foreign cards at all?
Proxy as in Japanese IP address.
They do not block foreign cards, as far as I know.
I'm usually using PayPal so no clue there.

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Where did it go wrong, /a/?
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It's not exactly a fantastic show but it's far from really being shit, what are you complaining about?
that storm episode where everyone gets hurt

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Why is incest so much more common in anime than in other media like film or television?
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they're not even related
Because anime is inferior to western film and television.
Nips have a history of incest. Marrying within families was extremely common until quite modern times.

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Roast tail.png
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So, what does roasted dragon tail taste like?
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Why isn't she more popular?
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why the fuck all the japs have hallux valgus?
Because she's an annoying bitch.
What do you mean isn't more popular? /a/ was drowning in "Hestia is Bestia" threads when the show was airing, and then for some time after that.

I haven't been on /a/ for a long time, but if people aren't talking about her any more, it's because, like any other show, people get just busy with newer stuff and forget about it.

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Anyone excited for S2 of Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress?

You think S2 is gonna fix any of the flaws from the first season and make it a better show?
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I honestly don't care, as long as it puts Mumei in the spotlight more so people would draw more porn of her.
Is that a facebook meme?
More Ayame too

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remember me /a/ ?
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oh shit, never finished this animated japanese cartoon
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How could I forget?
That was the show that got me into anime at the time
The ending made me cry bitch tears and left me depressed for a week.

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Should they all be able to literally rape her without consent as punishment for her crimes?
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>she can transform if you tear her hymen

By the way, how do you rape someone with their consent?
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>rape her without consent
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>literally rape her without consent

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