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ITT: top tier villains. Because we all already know that Dio and Shishio are God Tier anyways.

Pic related.

>dat plan of his on Episode 11
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>top tier villain
He meh at best
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You mean meme tier villains
Biba did nothing wrong.

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Is there any studio with better visuals than Ufotable?
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Owari no Seraph.png
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Studio Pablo
Apparently all you have to do is add a shit ton of filtered cloud pictures as backgrounds and some retard on /a/ will shill you.
none of this is impressive

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Just finished this manga, ending was a total clusterfuck. What does /a/ think?
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This is a rare school-harem shit, which I oiked.
"It could have been worse."

Really thought this should have ended after the first storyline.
I enjoyed it a bit.

The original manga kinda feels like the author wanted to end much earlier than it did, and I could barely follow it by the final few arcs.

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In FSN Caster says that "magic is something I command at will". She can even generate mana out of almost empty space.

How the fuck does she need a master anyway? Arent masters required for providing mana? Why does she need a master then?
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Because regardless of how much mana she can generate, it's the Master that keeps her physically bound to the world. She's just a projection of the Grail, after all, and even her massive amounts of mana is dictated by that.
If everything returns to the root. What is the point of life at all.

Shouldn't it be the goal of all life to kill itself to return all to the nothing that waits for it.

Why live when everything withers away and eternity never comes. Goetia was right all along and Solomon was humanities greatest enemy.
>If everything returns to the root. What is the point of life at all.
You know how Rin has her magic passed down to her and it's engraved in her? And how she adds to the knowledge of all the Tohsakas before her? Think of the Root as a universal one of those. Every single person that exists feeds into that knowledge.

Which is why all the mages have huge raging boners to get to it.

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Can you really say you love a horse (girl) if you won't go elbow deep in her for her pleasure?
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The fact they can mimic z-ton style is nice.

Where the fuck is part 3 to Ninja Bat with the MC getting his fucking happy ending you fucking hack Z-ton.
Ninja bat is his shittiest work who cares.
Do more of the cute succubus girl that was trying to figure out what her gender should be. Or anything with centaurs.
>Wanting homosexual succubus
Get out faggot. Ninja bat was the pinnacle of vanilla with a straight story like with the Snowoman until he fucked it with part 2.

Now he needs to finish it like he finished Centaur.

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What a slut. Fuck the GITS Arise series. They made her to a whore.
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she was one already
She is a whore in virtually every incarnation you subhuman puritycuck.
wtf i hate mira killian now

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Due to cuts in the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts, we had to cut one Yu out of the Yuyushiki title and remove Yuzuko.
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>removing best Yu
I hope your thread dies, faggot
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Remove who?
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Yuzuko is starting her solo career in gravure.

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Flat chests are best. Thoughts?
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Her chest is so flat it's perfect.
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I tough Flat chest the best chest is already well established knowledge of Human Nature

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But why?
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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You know the drill.

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img000018 (1).png
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Is Biribiri gonna win?
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no. she died.
Why have the angry no-boobs when the mother is literally perfect?
Because Mikoto is simply the best girl out of all light novel heroines.

>Best Monster Musume is a human

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>Best Monster Musume is a human
While that is accurate you posted the wrong image.
Agree, all the monster girls are trash besides MON Squad. Smith could beat all the girls if she was officially part of the harem
Perhaps the real monster.....was MAN....all along.....

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Who do you think is more complex as a character: Masumi Seki or Punpun?
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Honestly I think Seki was, although I enjoyed Punpun sometime he made retarded overly edgy decisions just for wow so fucked up factor. You can see why Seki does what he does.
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best boi.jpg
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The guy who gave the bike to punpun, the MC of the epilogue
Only character who didnt had severe autism

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You can criticize it for its terrible characters, legendary asspulls or outlandish anticlimaxes, but nine times out of ten the fanbase is content to just tell you that you're too stupid to appreciate the minute, sophisticated nuances that make things like central antagonists dying to radiation poisoning off-screen and characters becoming hilariously strong without any effort true examples of excellent storytelling.
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Another brilliant HxH thread.
I dont understand why you care so much
I also dont like HxH, you know what I do?
I talk about stuff I like instead.
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my fucking god this should be bannable at this point.

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Why is Casca so violent?
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Because she gets violated all the time.
Are you sure it has nothing to do with her skin color
Everyone loves delicious brown.

Why is this show so shit?
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I couldn't even finish episode 1 when I tried it.
The chibi out of nowhere ruins it for me. I mean I love that cute shit by it's totally random and it pisses me off in this series idk
Too slow, didn't do it for me and I like CGDCT

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