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>After watching endless high school girl dramas, I feel I'm finally ready to watch Dragonball
>Can't wait to see all the fusion-ha!s and super saiyans
>Excited at the thought of seeing aliens flying through the air, throwing the landscape at each other
>Grab that good ole Dragonball DVD from the local library, run home and kamehameha it into the TV
>Goku's a kid, some commie pig teases dirty old men and not a single Piccolo dick was seen

What the ever loving fuck is this shit? It ain't Dragonball, it's SuckMyBalls. I got memed into watching a kid's show about teen boobies and urination. I want my money back, my waifu back, my laifu back and all the Dragonballs so I can wish I watched a better anime.

Talk about false advertising, if I wanted to watch kids leap through trees I'd watch Naruto.
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amusing read
this post is over 9000
Dragonball is the best DBseries.

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Would you have sex with Shinka?
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That's a stupid question. I'm sitting on /a/ on a Friday night alone.
She can do much better than me
I won't touch a lesbian.

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I wanna watch the Fate series, do I watch them in a specific order? can I skip something? Any info would be appreciated.
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You're better off reading it, though F/SN is kind of bloated.
Start with Tsukihime VN.
The Fate anime adaptations are all over the place
I might. I understood that it is Zero -> Zero 2nd season -> SN and then the OVAs are separate from each other?
Watch Zero then DEEN then UBW if you're going anime. I kinda like DEEN haha

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I feel like world peace could be achieved if everyone just saw Hanako Oomuro's cute loli armpits.
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What do they mean?
CIA and Trump aren't going to stop their bombing, arms trading/dumping and drug operation regardless of your animated sketching, anon.
What if you got to lick them too?

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Why is she so perfect?
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I don't know, op. she's just so precious you can't help but root for her.
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All girls drawn in that style are.

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Why was this allowed?
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>Not posting the TV version
Tetsuro deserved that kiss after all the shit he had to put up with on his journey.
Because /ss/ is hot.
Are you just going to keep making these threads?

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How do you cope with the knowledge that you will never be a petite cute Japanese girl in the anime universe of your choosing?
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>Author of X manga/LN dies
>the characters and universe around their story die with him.

Death basically.
>How do you cope with the knowledge that you will never be a petite cute Japanese girl in the anime universe of your choosing?
If meta-quantum physics are correct, we already are in a parallel universe.
>I've watched 3 YouTube videos and now think that quantum mechanics mean that literally anything is possible

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I want a suzu.
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Psst, hey, I got suzus real cheap, c'mere, I got 'em back here in this alley
Me too
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I want a Hata.

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Was this shit really considered AOTS?
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Only by MAL standards.
one of the few shows I'd like my time back from watching
only til they ran out of time and rushed everything at the end

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Was Kill la Kill a masterpiece?
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I liked it. It was a very fun show with a good story
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I feel extremely attached to it after all these years but it was extremely flawed
Yes, it's easily the Neon Genesis Evangelion of this generation

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The great debate (manga and all adaptations included)
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Well i haven't watched the animes but for the mangas i definitely like HxH more. It pretty much does everything better.
YuYu is better because the majority of HunterXHunter is the most boring arc of all time whereas YuYu is pretty much great until the final arc where it derails in a fun way
YYH is prototype HxH

I'm watching Kingdom right now and I really like the setting, but the MC is really the most annoying character ever. Does he ever shut up with all his shouting? Who ever thought that it would be a good idea to have the MC swear and shout angrily and arrogantly 97% of his dialogues?
I also hope that he stops being a teenager at some point, because this shit looks ridiculous. I was hoping that they'd do a timeskip by now (episode 17), but it doesn't seem that way. Also, I hope he shuts up about his childhood friend Piao at some point. This is Kircheis², except I don't give a fuck at all about him, since he gets killed off in the second episode of 40+ (?).

The art actually looks alright when they aren't using 3DCGI, but the 3DCGI looks horrendous. I'd prefer PS2 3D over this, and this anime is from 2013. The character models also remind me a bit of the Aijin MC.
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Personality wise he never changes. He does get older but its over a period of time, if there is a timeskip in the manga it wasn't a big one
Their infiltation of the capital with the mountain folk was also extremely dumb. Hurrdurr, we're on a secret mission to infiltrate the royal court to kill the king, and we have our pretender with us. Let's take off our disguise and talk loudly about our secret plan to murder the king!
Now, for some positive things: Diao is pretty cute. I like the strawbird disguise.

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What will she do after high school?
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Marry me.
Hopefully go to college so we can see an older Tomoko sperging out.

new episode is out looks like Idea of Evil made an unexpected appearance,what do you think of the anime so far compared to season 1?
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Why the fuck is the camera work so shit? Did they learn nothing from the last season?
it's better then the monk & his daughter from last season
Anybody else read the new chapter? Thoughts, comments, laments that it'll never end?

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A new chapter of everyones new favorite mom/son incest manga is out
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well I fucked up
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here we fuckin go
The fucking jumpscare actually made me jump.
God damn it, Oshimi.

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