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Last episode on Saturday, half hour earlier than usual.

>Will Captain Planet save the day?
>Will they save Eizen?
>Is Sorey going to sleep for no reason now?
>Will Velvet return?
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>>Will Velvet return?

Will she immediately smack everyone with her demon hand?
tumblr will get BTFO,
There's nothing I would want more.
If not Velvet, then Eizen.

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Nyamo and Yukari.jpg
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You're only allowed one, decide wisely.
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Nyamo. She won't key my car. Also she's prettier and would make a perfect wife.

What is it that makes Nyamo so perfect? I wonder what a relationship with her would be like.

Nyamo is also a demon in the sack, confirmed in the series.

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This guy is such a fucking hypocrite it's unfathomable, how is he supposed to be the hero?
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He's not the hero. Lelouch is the hero. Spinzaku is merely his foil. It was a fun ride watching the crashing of spinzakus character
Can a hero not be a hypocrite?
both suzaku and lelouch are hypocrites

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Marika and SW 3.jpg
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Magical Test of Courage is done.

For that matter, so is Fairy of the Examination Division

and Shufflin Tries To Dance

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Everyday I'm Shufflin.
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7753 mei.jpg
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Defend this dubtards.


skip to 2:50, not only does Sean do an embarrasing attempt at portraying a teen goku, but the dialogue is some fanfic garbage that is more in line in some stupid chick flick and not consistent with a Goku being an oblivious doofus who only marries her to keep a promise.


Not only does Goku sound better here, but his "proposal" is actually in character and isn't some corny bullshit.
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it was an old, strange time

If only we had a complete DB Kai.
But DBZ was never about shitty romance scenes. I don't think any eng dub ever does those well, and it doesn't look like this is an exception.

Honestly though the biggest reason I like the dub better is
1. Goku sounds way better than the shitty japanese VA.
2. The music (sue me)

For anything that's aired in the last 10+ years, I am 100% behind the japanese version. English actors are typically pretty fucking trash, especially when voicing weird ass Japanese lines.

But DBZ? No. No the dub was good. Real good.
You're missing the point. The botching of the romance scene is just a microcosm of everything wrong with the dub. Sean doesn't understand Goku's character and didn't even realize that he's an oblivious doofus and tried to play Goku off like a whiney Superman knockoff. He's just miscast, whatever grievances I have towards other members like Sabat who could be hilariously cheesy at worst, Sean just didn't "get" Goku. Well on top of having a horrendous voice and being the poster boy for the decades long joke of DBZ being a series about constipation.

I don't think people realize how similar Goku is to Luffy. Why are people fine with Luffy sounding like he is but everyone flips a shit with Goku's voice actor? Is it cause he's more "jacked"?

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How much gay is too gay /a/?
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Too much gay = When a show attracts fujo cancer.

Other than that go wild.
>too much gay = when a show attracts fujo cancer
That's not really the case for some. A relatively benign anime could get SWARMED by fujos overnight.
If it has more than one prominent male character then its already too gay

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Is this the pinnacle of anime philom?
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That's not a word...
It's the most cultured spelling closest the greatest writer of all time.

>"They used to spell a lot more like they used to speak, so a word like film in Mercutio's Queen Mab speech is spelled philom in the folio, and we know that's a two syllable word like phi-lom. And if you go over to Northern Ireland, and they invite you to the cinema, they'll invite you to see the 'fi-lm.' That's an Elizabethan pronunciation that's stayed with us."
/tv/ has literally gone mad

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Why are lonely awkward girls the best characters?
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>Season 2 never
because you're a sad person who can empathize with these pathetic girls, to have someone you can help project your feelings on helps give a deeper connection to said character

also i want tomoko to step on my balls
They're not but Tomoko is the exception.

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Can I help you, miss?
Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying.

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3MB, 3976x2089px
Do you like their new dollhouse?

(And: more like /fa/-girl, am I right?)
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Stylet and Gourai a best. Gonna get them as soon as I can.
Why is she showing off her pantsu like that?

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3MB, 2208x1242px
>MFW Satania has a Star of David pin on her hoodie
>maybe a joke on how Jews are satanic

Oh, Japan. You never fail to amaze me.
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For Japan that just means "magic"
They dont know what a jew even is
Lol really? I know fuckall about Japan, so forgive me if I seem like a dumbass.
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Nice try Schlomo-kun

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This is a real semon demon
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Is this unironically AOTS?
No. It's the worst trash you'll ever put into your brain.

Why? Because it's censored. You just sit there frustrated, where's the BDs? Are the BDs here yet? When do I get the BDs?

Wait. When the BDs are released it'll probably be AOTY. Right now it's dogfood level trash.
File: 48656849_p0.jpg (78KB, 260x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 260x260px
>Why? Because it's censored.
Newfriends are gifts from heaven, truly.

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stb 1.jpg
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Maybe Kojou doesn't want to fight with Yukina. She should get permission to enter these fights.
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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
Fucking slow releases OVA means less chance for new StB porn.
Oh fuck, I remember a couple of hours ago this stuff got downloaded, gotta check it now, thanks for the reminder.
Natsuki a best by the way.

This is Tsuyu Asui. Say something nice to her.
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something nice to her.
She has a beautiful body and I would like to penetrate her
I like how you dress like you're beautiful even though she has the face of a frog.

I like how you don't let your bland personality stop you from making friends.

I like how your powers are pretty useless, but you still do your best to become a pro hero (you don't let the little things stop you).

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At what age is a girl usually not considered a loli and a boy usually not considered a shota?
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Once they become JCs, usually.
It's more of a bodytype, really
When does oppai loli become regular girl?

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