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What does /a/ think of stacked, 5ft11 middle schoolers?
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fuck off pedo
The sweetest treat
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Who said anything about fucking her?
She belongs to Ootani. Just as much as he belongs to her.

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Is this show any good?
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ladies and gentleman
the burrito

Naruto was already low energy, Boruto is far worse
No, but we still watch it.

Reminder that insulting someone's waifu is bad form.
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Chihaya thread? Pls be Chihaya thread.
Protect her smile at all costs!
Haruka thread.

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Does this bitch goddess know that some people are growers, not showers?
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Why wouldn't you be at full mast in front of her?
Many people have difficulty in keeping an erection while angry.
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>Why wouldn't you be at full mast in front of her?

She's not megumin

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my waifu for laifu.jpg
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if you could become one cute anime girl who would it be?
For me, it's Haruhi. The best anime girl.
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What a coincidence, it's Haruhi for me too.
This cutie
A girl once told me I seemed like I would fit right into this show. I've been avoiding watching it ever since because I didn't want to find out if I was stealth insulted.

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Anime and manga related things that piss you off.

>Someone claims to love a series
>Can't remember any of the character names

>Claims a character as their waifu
>Can't remember their name and gives them a stupid nickname that doesn't even match their personality.

>Pencil thin girl in revealing clothing with her ass towards the camera
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>>Someone claims to love a series
>>Can't remember any of the character names
This is what the average One Piece fan is like
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Not me
I actually won a one piece character name quiz in an anime-con
the last round was the name of iceburg's pet rat
>Pencil thin girl in revealing clothing is actually a trap
fuck this gay culture

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What series you watching right now /a/nons?

Pic related. Just updated an hour ago due to finishing Owari no Seraph.
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>plastic memories
>it's completely obvious what's going to happen in the end
>still makes you feel things
how did they do it?
the comedy

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What's the best anime ever made and why is it Monster?
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Gurren Lagann. Not so good.
Wait, what?
Hard to tell but not Monster, it dragged for too long.
that edgeshit anime cannot beat the legendary likes of dragonball z and bleach

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Ryoko and Ayeka.jpg
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ITT: Post the very first anime character that you masturbated to.
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I don't know, it was too long ago
I was the same age at the time so it's okay

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Now that it's past the 3-episode line for most shows, which one are you keeping, /a/?

Remember, it's perfectly fine to watch few shows. More time to catch up on that backlog.
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Atom: The Beginning
Busou Shoujo Machiavellism
Granblue Fantasy
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
>keeping Sakura Quest

Decent aid for insomnia I guess.
>Seikaisuru Kado
That's it. Also Vrains when it finally airing, I guess.

What is /a/'s opinion on the Turks?
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I just want to know why Constantinople got the works. I've heard it's their business.
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Loathsome bag of non-humans, the roaches.
notConstantinople gets taken by the notGermans in the manga

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Have you noticed anime films getting western screens has been increasing lately?

Are you ready to accept it's gonna be mainstream here sooner than later?
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I want to fuck Hotaru.
Anime has been mainstream for a long time anon.
Define Mainstream

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Are dubs good enough yet?

Will dubs ever be good enough?
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Dubs are fine
People who think Japanese voice actors are better than English ones are EOP weeaboos
Nice try EOP.
>Are dubs good enough yet?
>Will dubs ever be good enough?

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Post yer smugs
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First time manga buyer.

Did I do good, /a/?
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should just watch steins;gate
Steins Gate has a manga?
What would you suggest instead, neckbeard?

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